Auto Chess: Guide to see stats, rankings and favorite gameplay

Chỉ số Auto Chess
Auto Chess Stats

For any game, be it Auto Chess, Dota 2 or CSGO, in addition to practice, game information is what helps gamers improve themselves.

Knowing which heroes are strong, their win rates and what formations the best players are using can help you climb the ranks effectively; And that’s what Varena will deliver!

Log in

You can start using the Varena site by logging in with your Steam ID. That is if you want to see your stats. Other items are accessible without a Steam ID.

varena steam ID 1 - Emergenceingame
Varena Steam ID

Main information page

The main information page has the interface as shown below. You can see the total number of games, average rank, number of games won, and how many games you are in the top 3 as well as win rate. The best part about it is that it doesn’t just show your information. This page can see all your Steam friends who play Auto Chess. The ‘Leaderboard’ section gives players access to the top players of the game and when clicking on their information you can also see their stats.

varena steam ID 2 - Emergenceingame
Home screen

Recent matches

Recent matches can be viewed on the main page, just below the stats section. It shows the rank (player rank at the end of the match), the overall rank (ladder rank) of the players at the end of the game – the heroes used as well as the combos in the match. The information is very detailed and you can also see the top players!

varena steam ID 3 - Emergenceingame

Meta and Trends

The Meta and Trends sections show you which heroes are performing well in the rank. The ‘Trend’ category doesn’t have a ranking, but ‘Meta’ does.

varena trends - Emergenceingame varena steam ID 4 - Emergenceingame

Varena is one of those tools that helps players review previous games and better analyze which gameplay worked and which didn’t.

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