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ARK raises the price to $59.99, officially announced in August

Ark - Emergenceingame

ARK price increased to 59.99$ and announced full release in August

The sad news for all the gaming community is that ARK officially announced it will sell for $ 59.99. Besides, there is also good news that the game will be removed from the Early Access label.

It’s been two years since it launched in Early Access and sells for $29.99. For Early Access games, it’s normal to have errors, but that’s not why ARK is criticized or beaten. ARK is a survival game with an extremely large world. Gamers will be “playing” with dinosaurs, including hunting, training, fighting with them as well as collecting other materials to make weapons, build houses, furniture … Besides, gamers will encounter other gamers. If ARK drops the Early Access tag we might be able to experience ARK under a smoother and less buggy experience.

Ark 1 - Emergenceingame

ARK is scheduled to drop Early Access on August 8, 2017 on PC for $59.99. As for gamers who purchased the game in Early Access, you will own the full game without spending any more when it leaves Early Access mode.

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