Appearance of the Hextech race and 4 new generals in the Arena of Truth 9.16?

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Update 9.15 Teamfight Tactics was just released not long ago, Riot is working on developing version 9.16 of the game. Notably, the appearance of a completely new race, 4 names are not far away for League of Legends players.

After the release of update 9.15 Tactics Arena, Riot announced a race for the first time in the mode and 4 brand new champions. The new champions are Camille, Jayce, Vi and Jinx, and the new origin is Hextech. All four new champions will have a Hextech race.

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New generals in the Arena of Truth

The Hextech tribe and 4 new generals in the Arena of Truth 9.16

– The Hextech tribe when combined will bring a very new effect that no game has ever had, they have the ability to disable 2 or 4 random enemy equipment at the start of the match. (picks a random enemy unit with items, then disables one of the items that unit has). This means that Hextech units are more dangerous for players who equip all items on one or two single champions, as opposed to equipping other units equally.

– Each of the 4 new Hextech clan units will also have a different class and a unique ability just like the other champions in the Tactics.


– Class: Blademaster (Guest Swordsman)
– Skill: Camille attacks enemies and has the ability to lock their feet (not allowing them to move), allied units while attacking others will turn back to attack the target that Camille is blocking.
– Cost: 1 Gold


– Layer: Shapeshifter (Transform)
– Skill: Jayce’s ultimate ability allows him to knock enemies back and switch from melee to ranged, Jayce’s first attacks will be faster than later.
– Cost: 2 Gold


– Class: Brawler (Gladiator)
Skill: Vi targets the furthest enemy on the board and hurls towards them, knocking out all enemies in her path, dealing knockdown effects and dealing damage on impact with her target. .
– Cost: 3 Gold


– Class: Gunslinger (Guns)
– Skill: Jinx becomes more excited when she kills enemies. After killing the first one, she gains attack speed. After the second, she pulls out Fishbones (grenade launcher) and deals AoE damage with each basic attack.
– Cost: 4 Gold
Currently, players can experience Teamfight Tactics 9.16 with the appearance of the Hextech clan and 4 new generals right now on the PBE test server. Truth Arena is a game mode of League of Legends, that’s why you need to experience before League of Legends update on PBE. Let’s try to see how strongly it affects the current Meta.

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