Apex Legends coming to Steam and Switch with crossplay support

Apex Legends trên steam

Apex Legends will launch on Steam. Electronic Arts and Respawn previously announced their battle royale title would launch on Valve’s game store during an expansion of games on Steam. Apex Legends is confirmed to have a Steam version this fall, and will also have a Switch port and crossplay support.

The Steam, Switch, and crossplay versions of Apex Legends don’t have a specific release date, except for ‘fall’, but they will be released around the same time. EA also didn’t say specifically, but it is likely that the game will connect PC players to the console, similar to other battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

While some of the recently released EA Steam games require you to run Origin in the background, a few months ago Respawn confirmed on Reddit that Apex Legends will run entirely on Steam without Origin. Chances are you’ll still need to log into your EA account to take advantage of the corssplay feature, but players will still be able to run the game using only Steam.

This is considered part of the crossplay move from EA, with a series of Need fot Speed ​​Heat titles, Star Wars: Squadrons will have crossplay later this year.

During the recent EA Play event, an EA representative said that crossplay will be the focus of the company from now on, so let’s expect more EA games to have crossplay in the future.

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