Anthem will be Bioware’s biggest game ever?

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In the latest issue of Games TM magazine, Mr. Jonathan Warner – game development director Anthem said that in the process of developing this game, the development team always put the creation of new games play tricks to the forefront to bring gamers the most exciting and new experiences compared to previous titles developed by BioWare. Those are all games that often focus on the game plot instead of the player’s gameplay experience.


Mr. Jonathan Warner said:

However, this does not mean that Anthem will lose its inherently compelling storyline. Mr. Jonathan also revealed:


Anthem as a game that puts a lot of emphasis on “serving” the player, the success of this game is largely determined by whether the game development team can “accelerate” in response to the feedback. player feedback or not. Mr. Jonathan also agreed with this idea and added:

Anthem will release a beta before the official launch, the immediate plan will be January 2, 1019, but gamers who have played this game and gamers who are VIP members of EA will be tested. before.

Anthem will officially launch on February 22, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.​

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