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Brain hack puzzle games are being chosen by many people as spiritual food to relieve stress after stressful days of studying and working. With illogical reasoning, many situations in the game make players “helpless” in finding the answer. Here EmergenceInGame will guide you through the challenges in The days before graduation. Please refer.

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Question 1: You don’t need to do anything, the boy will wake up on his own

Verse 2: First, press on the bedding on the bed and then grab the broom and ram it under the bed in the middle

Verse 2

Sentence 3: Take the blue toothbrush and open the door, give the cup to the person inside and press the person’s arm.

Verse 4: Click on the square in the center of the screen to get the glue bottle and then put the glue bottle back in that square. Next, have the boy roll back and forth on that square.

Verse 4

Question 5: Touch the chef’s hat to get the cockroach and put the cockroach on the baking table to drive all the guests away. Then give money to the cake seller to buy the cake

Verse 6: Drag the screen to the right, pick up the coin that fell on the ground and put it in the vending machine to buy a can of soft drink and then give it to the girl upstairs. Finally, press the pole next to the house for the boy to climb up.

Verse 6

Verse 7: Touch the teacher’s stack of papers and take the paper on the desk. Next, touch the teacher’s stack of papers again to split the stack of papers in half and then insert the taken paper into it. Finally, tap the stack of paper again to close it.

Verse 8: Touch the briefcase to get the pencil to give the boy to draw. When the teacher turns to look, turn off the picture and continue drawing if she turns to the board. Continue like this until the drawing is done.

Verse 8

Verse 9: Touch the boy to make him stand up and touch the table to make him hit the table before the teacher turns around

Sentence 10: Open the right drawer to get the fire extinguisher

Sentence 10

Verse 11: Open the boy’s briefcase, take the lighter, and put it under the seat of the girl sitting next to him

Verse 12: First, get the chopsticks, lighter, and cigarette pack for the sitting boy. Next, take the rubber from the boy’s pocket and give it to the boy who just smoked.

Verse 12

Verse 13: Touch the virus wearing sunglasses in the picture and then drag it to the picture of the wooden horse. Then, drag both of them to the boy sitting at the computer on the left.

Verse 14: Touch the left red brush, then touch the cat. Drag the cat into the red paint can and then drag onto the white paper that you are preparing to draw.

Verse 14

Verse 15: Touch doors and windows to open, tap several times a running clock to speed it up.

Verse 16: Touch the red food plate on the left, touch the yellow food plate in the middle and then drag the bill to the machine above to buy food

Verse 17: Tap the blue arrow above the sitting man’s head and drag it to the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, click on that arrow to open to the right screen. At this time, drag the laptop picture below onto an empty seat for the boy to sit.

Verse 17

Verse 18: Take the CFO bag from the boy’s hand and pull it over the boy’s head to hide it. Then, drag the screen to the right and press on the door for the boy to go through.

Verse 19: Take the glue bottle from the doctor’s left pocket and smooth it through the boy’s hair so that the boy reaches a height of 176 cm.

Verse 20: Touch the boy’s hair to make the cat jump out and the boy will weigh less than the girl next to him

Verse 21: Take the pen from the doctor’s right pocket and touch the paper the doctor is holding. Drag both the paper and the pen onto the optometry board. Drag the screen to the right, drag the optometry paper to the boy so he can guess what the doctor will point to.

Verse 21

Verse 22: Take the trimmer in the right desk drawer to cut the hair of the rightmost boy and then press Start let the teacher in

Verse 23: Open the briefcase at the foot of the table to get a beverage bottle. Next, open the window and place the beverage bottle on the pedestal.

Verse 23

Verse 24: Touch the school bag to get the trimmer, touch the teacher’s bag to get the pen. Take the hair clipper and draw a pencil on the sleeping boy’s head before the teacher notices

Question 25: Touch the door to let the girl out and then touch the crouching boy so that his friend jumps over him.

Question 25

Verse 26: Drag the screen to the right to get 1 bottle of wine and then pour the wine into the tub to get the empty bottle. Next, collect the water bottle and then pour the water bottle on the boy being carried by 2 friends and then press Aluba.

Verse 27: Open the left cabinet door to get a razor, open the right cabinet door to get a pen. Next, pull the razor over the boy’s head to shave it off and then pull the pen over his head to draw

Verse 27

Verse 28: Take the pen box on the boy’s desk, drag the pen case to the water bottle one by one to make the water splash, pull the pen case to the plug so that it comes out, pull the pen case to the teacher’s glass so that it falls to the ground. Finally pull the pen box back to the boy and you’re done.

Verse 29: Take the brick and give it to the shorter boy, then both go “cà khà” with the thug

Verse 29

Verse 30: Take a turn to clean the board, bucket and broom. Next, clean the board with a rag and collect the chalk dust with a bucket. Then, put the table and stand up, get a brush to sweep the spider web and then wipe the shoe stains on the table. Finally, press Start for the teacher to enter.

Verse 31: Drag the screen to the right to take the carrot and give it to the boy sitting on the right of the table. When the boy has finished eating and “farts”, take a lighter from the boy’s pocket and place it under his bottom.

Verse 32: Take the cat scissors and then peel the picture of the cat to get the tape. Next, pull the tape and cat hair on the boy so that the picture is glued to the wall. Then, touch the bodyguard in black.

Question 33: Take the Tokyo tower to the left of the person standing and install it on the controller on the table and use it

Verse 34: Take the pen from the pocket of the man in the lined shirt and press it into the hair of the white shirt next to it to change it into a bald head. Next draw that white shirt into a plaid shirt next to it and then touch the door for everyone to come in.

Question 35: Touching dreams while the boy is sleeping

Have fun playing the game!

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