Anime heroes who personally killed their parents (P2)

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Not just villains, heroes in some series/movies anime also stepped to the edge of crime when he killed his own parents. Most have a good reason to do so, but this action is sometimes controversial from the audience.

Arren (Tales from Earthsea)


Arren in Tales from Earthsea is in the same unfortunate situation as Inuyasha’s Kohaku. Here, Arren is haunted by an evil presence called Uneinheit, which embodies his own evil self. While under the influence of Uneinheit, Arren suddenly stabbed the king – his father in a dark corridor and then stole the sword and fled the castle. He was constantly haunted by this image until he returned to the castle to atone for his sins.

Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass)


Suzaku Kururugi is not the only character in Code Geass to have killed his father, but Lelouch is also included. After a fight with his father – the emperor over the assassination of his mother, Lelouch was expelled from Japan at the age of 10. As he grew up, he realized with his father’s deviant thoughts and actions, that one day he would destroy humanity, so he instigated the gods to oppose the emperor, leading to the death of the emperor. dad.

Eri (My Hero Academia)


In My Hero Academia, weirdos somehow have superpowers that can change reality. In some situations, this ability brings luck but in others, it is a curse. Eri’s case is the second. Eri has the ability to go back in time and change the present, something she has had a hard time controlling since she was a child. In the end, she changed time to the point of erasing her father’s existence and forcing her mother to abandon her.

Eren (Attack on Titan)


Like Goku, Eren didn’t mean to kill his parents, but because he was turned into a monster and couldn’t control himself. It happened when Eren was injected with Titan serum by his own father. Knowing that this was the only way his son could become a Titan, he was then unconsciously eaten by Eren. Eren lost his memory of this until long after the truth was revealed.

Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)


Tigresses don’t eat their cubs, but Yuno Gasai’s parents are really cruel people. Saying they die is a bit extreme, but it’s hard to blame Yuno Gasai when she was raised by such people. As detailed in the series, whenever her parents were stressed about money, they would lock her in a cage and starve her to death with the thought that strict discipline would train her to be a “perfect citizen”. Feeling so tired of being abused, Yuno Gasai locked her parents in a cage and left before they died of starvation.​

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