Angry with the game update, the young man brought a weapon to assassinate the developer

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It has become common for fans to be angry at the quality of a game or a new update that doesn’t meet expectations, as is common in the gaming district. To express their attitude as well as relieve their psychology, most choose to go to the forums to complain or spam messages to the Studio asking for changes, but there are also rarer cases where fans have sent all The story goes too far, even endangering the lives of developers. A serious incident happened last weekend with ‘s biological father Genshin Impact “miHoYo” is a prime example.


According to Baidu, a man was arrested on the evening of April 24 in Shanghai on suspicion of plotting to kill Liu Wei and Cai Haoyu – the co-founders of the company. miHoYo. This young man was carrying a weapon and was trying to break into the office building before being arrested. Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident and the man is currently in police custody.

The specific reason behind this young man’s murder motive is unknown, but perhaps, everything stems from the recent update of Honkai Impact 3, a popular game by miHoYo besides Genshin Impact. The update, which adds rabbit costumes and choreography for the game’s goddess of war, launches earlier this month for all markets except China. After the backlash of gamers in this country when they thought that the update content was inappropriate, miHoYo quickly delayed the release schedule and apologized to the gaming community in this country.


It’s not clear whether the attacker was angry because the update was inappropriate or because it wasn’t released in China, but either way, he wanted revenge on the game’s developers. As Baidu posted, he took the opportunity to go to Shanghai, prepared two 9cm long knives with him and planned to kill Liu and Cai before committing suicide.

Unfortunately, miHoYo is not the first company to suffer such threats. In July 2019, a maniac also set fire to Kyoto Animation, followed by a series of other shocking events such as a shooting at Twitch headquarters and a bomb threat at Bandai Namco. This incident will certainly make miHoYo developers uneasy, but hopefully it won’t affect the studio’s upcoming plans too much.

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