Age of Empires: Definitive Edition! Where did (Empire 4K game) come from?

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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition! The new version is also known by another name as the 4K Empire game. This is said to be the most complete, highest and most exemplary version of the classic AOE game series. So what’s new in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition! what? Is it really that perfect?

Right now, the game AOE 4K is not officially available and all we can do is just Register for an account Age of Empires: Definitive Edition! and track changes, updates as well as learn some important information before the game officially hits the shelves.

It can be said that the biggest and most obvious changes in this new version come from the image and sound in the game. It is also quite easy to understand because of the fact, today’s modern games always have excellent graphics and sound and it is undeniable that those factors are an important part of keeping gamers in the game. .

It should be said that this change was developed from the classic version, the original AOE game, so even though the image is newer and sharper, the familiar and familiar feeling is not lost. What do you think if we experience a 20-year-old game with extreme 4K graphics. What is 4K? Do you know HD? Take a look at the following image to see how 4K graphics cut off Full HD?

4K vs HD comparison
Compare HD and 4K image quality

If in the original version, what we see is just a simple, flat and quite stiff display mode, the AOE Definitive Edition has more modes. zoom in / zoom out parallel with inherent traditional style.


  • Zoom in on the map.
  • Show how many farmers are standing playing.
  • Show control group.
  • The troop’s ability to both move and attack has been fixed.
  • If you play games on the Xbox Live system, you can also keep track of the statistics of the matches you have participated in.

In addition, some buildings (houses) in the game will also be slightly changed in shape, style and color to match and stand out more.

House B

Barracks house (house B), house K, M, L … are among the works that are changed in design.

Main house

Sound changes in the new Empire 4K game

In addition to upgrading the entire image quality of the original version, the old tracks of the game are also remade in a magnificent and extremely stylish way (full symphony for each song, the music in game).

Do you remember the mages’ spells? Woololoo … Woololoo … and instantly one of his men becomes the enemy’s. According to statistics, players will hear this word about 20% of the time playing the game, so it has been changed a bit.

Old sounds:

New sounds:

Some other sounds in the game are also changed, especially the remake soundtrack sounds much better.

Some other changes:

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is the synthetic version, so it will include all civilizations included in the original and expansion Rise of Rome. However, the mode Classic Mode the tradition is still preserved.

Another small change is that this game will be available on both PC and Xbox One, Xbox One X systems, but Multiplayer mode will be available only on Xbox Live systems.

Watch the short trailer below to see how perfect the new Empire has transformed!

According to some followers of this classic strategy game, the original version was released in October 1997, so it is likely that this new version will also be released in October 2017. That is not only the full calculation, but also how the Empire has impressed players after 20 years. No matter what the truth, the only way is we still have to wait.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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