Advanced Apex Legends gameplay tips

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To be able to win when playing Apex Legends, we not only need to know the basic ways of playing but also need advanced tutorials. However, this way of playing the survival shooter does not have a specific or perfect role model, but it will depend on the gamers’ habits, strengths and preferences.

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The following article will introduce you to these experience playing Apex Legends the best. These are all information and tips Gathered from many forums, many reputable addresses to help gamers achieve the best results.

Advanced Apex Legends play experience

Apex Legends advanced tips

1. Choose your landing location

After selecting the character, perhaps the most important thing is that we choose when to jump and where to land, because if you’ve played PUBG Mobile before, you will understand, the choice of landing points will decide more. 50% rate you can win or not?

The Kings Canyon is a small area on the map, however, apart from the usual items that can be found anywhere, this area is also where players often go to find their luck. hope to find extremely valuable items. Therefore, Kings Canyon is one of the most favorite beaches in Apex Legends by gamers.

Choose a jump-down location when playing Apex Legends


If you are not a strong team or to avoid “bad luck” when you land in the beginning, it is best for you and your teammates to try landing in a strange place, maybe not too many buildings. or Drop Pods. While this will take longer to find your items and essentials, it also gives you a higher chance of avoiding early collisions.

At the same time during the fall, should pay attention to the surrounding situation and the trajectory of the fall, the direction of the other players. If all or the majority are targeting your location then it’s best to quickly find and choose another safer place to start your game.

Although you are an experienced player, if you land alone and accidentally face a (or even) several opposing teams … congratulations, you won the ticket to the lobby earliest.

2. Flexibility in melee combat

Compared to other survival games, melee combat in Apex Legends seems more difficult and somewhat more complicated. This is a necessary attack that any player needs to know to use in the early stages of the game or the gun is running out of ammunition, not yet replaced.

Do a long slide

Not only will the enemy finish faster but melee well and take down the opponent also saves you ammo. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to do melee combat:

  • Learn to jump and kick. This is a powerful attack and deals great damage, especially when the enemy is not equipped with anything. By pressing the jump button and then pressing the attack key you will perform this movement. However, it won’t work if you do it while zipping or falling from above.
  • Run fast, then combine the bent button, your character will slide below under an obstacle. And if you have enough speed to make a long slide, you will be able to continue pressing the attack button so that your character will pop up and attack, knocking down the enemy unexpectedly.

3. Destroy the doors

The doors in Apex Legends in particular and some other action RPGs often make a squeak when it’s opened, and can also shield players hiding in them. Normally we can only open / close the doors, but with Apex Legends, this game allows players to vent their anger or even tear open any doors in Kings Canyon.

Break the door while playing Apex Legends

This not only makes it easier for us to attack when the enemy is hiding, but also saves us relative time. You only need to attack a few times on the door you want to destroy, the first time it will open as usual, but a few “hits”, it will disappear forever.

4. Find Ping items in Death boxes

One simple trick for you to let your teammates know about the tools and items in the opponent’s inventory is destroyed, is to use Ping.

Ping items in

When you kill any player and open their inventory, just choose any of them to Ping and let your teammates know. This will help your teammates replenish their inventory if they are lacking. At the same time also inform them of the spot of detecting the enemy to be more active.

5. Hard-working loot

Loot gear is a must, and also the only way you can win with this extreme action game. In fact, in addition to some “hot” places, finding weapons and items in other areas is quite unlucky. Because sometimes, you can find extremely delicious weapons and items in the most unexpected places.

You also don’t need to try to be the first to get to this area or get the other item. Because it is important that you have the right thing for your forte. Furthermore, this is a team game, even if you can’t find the right things, if you know the coordination well, your team can still win.

Loot underwear

One thing that many players often don’t notice is that not all areas on the map have names. That is simply a proof, a marker for you to understand, unnamed areas, often without a lot of goodies.

However, if you are lucky enough to smile, you will most likely stay close to or even grab a barrel during the game. And since the barrels always contain high-quality weapons and items at a 100% rate, you don’t need to worry if you can’t reach those hot spots.

Pick up toys while playing

Especially, if you still remember LifeLine There is a special skill named Care Package (see the article “General skills of characters in Apex Legends”). This feature allows them to summon an aircraft and drop down exactly at a predetermined spot a crate with cool equipment and weapons. This will usually be a weapon (Kraber 50, Mastiff) or consumable item (syringe, temporary shield).

However, one thing that players often forget, is that wherever you are, a deserted place or a Supply Ship, there is always the risk of you being ambushed, please pay close attention.

6. Venturing out of the circle

It sounds unreasonable, because with a running game like Apex Legends, staying in Safe Zone is always paramount. However, there will also be instances where we either force or need to stay outside the ring. It could be a high-end item container, it could be your teammate in need of an emergency, or an item you need for your fight.

Outside the inner ring

No, there is no cumulative damage mechanism yet, so if you are quick and know how to make the most of the healing items you currently have, you can be able to hold a relative amount of time outside the game’s circle. Running out of circles and attacking opponents is also one of the daring ways to play that many players choose, especially in the last rounds.

7. Bring only essential items

In Apex Legends, players will default to bring a certain number of items, if you want to increase this number, you need to find specialized backpacks, the higher the three loot, the more storage.

However, choosing what to use or pick up, not picking up anything with new players, unfamiliar, is really a difficult thing. Not to mention, if you pick up a mess, the backpack will fill up with all the unused things, until you find what you need, start looking for ways to remove things, at this point, you will easily become prey for other players.

Select the required item

For example, you need healing and defensive shields, but if you pick up the syringe and small energy batteries, you will need to use them repeatedly, many times to achieve the desired effect.

On the contrary, if you find and immediately use the first aid kit (Med-kit) or large energy batteries, they will restore almost completely to your health in about the same time, especially Phoenix Kits (The maximum of both of these stats can be recovered at lightning speed.

8. Get familiar with the menus

Menus or shortcuts are a way to get acquainted and fast game for gamers. You do not need to click too much to select or perform a certain action, just press a simple shortcut. In this way, not only can we fulfill our goals but also ensure the game’s situation is observed.

In addition, another Apex Legends game that you can also use, is to organize your inventory to assign a quick selection key to each item you want to use while playing.

Use the Recovery Menu

And as mentioned in the previous post, the Ping system in Apex Legends is one of the most advanced and modern features ever. By clicking the middle mouse button to activate it, we can scroll through and execute our quick options.

Ping a teammate

Or if you are Pinging an item with multiple options such as resuscitation, grenade or armor, the system will also automatically show you details about each of them that you currently have in your backpack.

9. Mark and announce the location to teammates

Not only with Apex Legends but with any action game, fighting game, being defeated when the team has not won really makes gamers quite inhibited. However, with Apex Legends, even if you die early, you still have a way to inform your teammates about the location, area or even the person who defeated you.

That is in case you “die” completely, but if you are still flickering and can crawl, it is best to quickly crawl to the position of your teammates to ask them for help. One more thing, even while dragging, you can also block the door so that your teammates have more time to escape in the event of a fall.

Use Knockdown Shield in

And finally, if you remember Knockdown Shield – the great shield in the game. Each level is different, this shield can help you block a different amount of damage. Used properly, at the right time, this tool can not only help you survive, but sometimes it is also a great opportunity to counterattack.

10. Climb to higher positions

This is quite simple and straightforward. Being high above not only helps you have better visibility, aim, but also better ability to move or dodge. If you are not playing PathFinder, you can apply the following tip to jump higher, which is to press and hold the spacebar (the jump key in the game).

11. Change the gun’s rate of fire

In a recent article by about FPS game PUBG Mobile, it is that we can freely change the shooting mode of the gun in PUBG Mobile. We can do the same thing, change the shooting speed in Apex Legends by simply pressing the B key.

Some of the weapons that can change the rate of fire in this science fiction simulation game are:

  • R-301 Carbine: Full automatic / Semi-automatic.
  • VK-47 Flatline: Full automatic / Semi-automatic.
  • Hemlock Rifle: 3-round boom / Semi-automatic.
  • Prowler PDW: 3-round Burst / Full automatic.

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Each of these shooting modes will have its characteristics and suit many different situations, flexibly use them to bring out the best effect.

This is also the last tip in this tutorial, hopefully with this series of tricks, we can get used to and easily win while playing Apex Legends.

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