Achievement system in Dream League Soccer – Part 1

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Dream League Soccer is a football management game that is receiving top attention on mobile devices iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Not only have to sharpen their playing techniques on the field, how to upgrade players and football fields, organize squads and tactics … players also have to learn how to make a lot of money to serve the upgrade. will work with you to explore the achievement system in Dream League Soccer to serve to make money in the game.

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Complete the achievements in Dream League Soccer

There are many ways to make money in Dream League Soccer – for example Watch the promotional video to receive 30 gold immediately, access the game every day to receive 10 gold, win competitive matches … but there is a simple way to generate revenue for your team – that is complete a series of achievements that the game offers.

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Technical achievements of finishing and kicking the ball:

1. Screamer Achievement

Players will score when taking a successful shot from a long distance from the goal. You will receive 5 gold coins for each shot.

Dream League Soccer HD1 2 - Emergenceingame

2. Off the Woodwork Achievement

In a match, when you shoot towards the goal and touch the post or the crossbar, you will immediately bring back 5 gold coins for your team.

3. Achievements Direct Free Kick

True to its name – Direct Free Kick means free kick (not a free kick) and directly towards the goal. When you score a goal with the shot shot straight towards the goal with more than 30 yards away (yard – equivalent to 27.42m), you will have immediately 15 gold coins – not a small number, right?

4. What a Volley Achievement

Volley is one of the most difficult techniques in football, if the shot is successful it will bring both artistic and achievement effect for the kicker.

Volley is a football term for a very complex soccer technique, often used in finishing shots, although it is also sometimes used in passes. A kick is called a “volley” when the ball is kicked with the foot in the air. Making a “volley” can be extremely difficult because getting the ball to hit the target requires good eye-foot coordination and time.

Volley will earn you 5 points – An unattractive bonus! So, if you have not reached this cutting edge technology, you have nothing to regret!

Dream League Soccer HD1 3 - Emergenceingame

5. Walk in the Park Achievements

To achieve this feat means your team must control most of the ball in the match, not give the opponent the chance to kick the ball towards the goal to get the ball to touch the ball. If your team finishes, the goalkeeper cannot reach out to stop the ball. At that time, you will have 5 bonus points immediately.

6. Uber Screamer Achievements

When owning a “volley” shot from 35 Yards (yard, equivalent to 32m), you will score 10 points.

7. Long Ranger Achievements

Score from a distance of over 45 Yards (equivalent to more than 41m) to receive 15 bonus gold coins. This is the type of shot that comes from midfield, above the midfield line.

8. Achievements So Greedy

When you get the ball in half of your team’s field and score directly without dribbling then you will complete the So Greedy achievement and get 10 points.

Achievements in goal record:

9. Super Sub Achievements

Achieve a hat-trick (3 goals in a match) from a substitution in less than 30 minutes to earn 10 gold coins for your team.

Dream League Soccer HD1 4 - Emergenceingame

10. Achievement Aerial Threat

To achieve this achievement, players need to focus on the club’s strikers, regularly finishing with their heads to be able to hit a hat-trick with his head. You will have immediately 15 gold coins.

11. Bullet Achievements

Head goals from outside the 16m50 range to get 15 points.

12. Total Football Achievements

You have to do it 25 successful passes (do not lose the ball) before scoring for 15 bonus points.

13. Perfect Hat-trick achievement

This is a very difficult achievement, requiring your team of players to be able to kick the ball and finish skillfully with many different parts of the body. A 3-goal hat-trick, including one with his left foot, one with his right foot and one with his head, You will be added 20 gold coins.

14. On Fire Achievement

Take care of a “nail” striker of the team to him score a total of 5 goals in the same match and earned his team 10 points.

Dream League Soccer HD1 5 - Emergenceingame

15. Achievements Keep Ups

An achievement that is quite enjoyable when you have to Let the ball hover in the air and not touch the ground for 12 seconds. To achieve this feat, you need to shoot the ball high and hard for the longest time it will hit the ground. 10 gold coins are the value of this achievement.

16. Achievement Keeper

In any match, if your team’s goalkeeper scores a goal on the opponent’s side, the team will have 10 gold coins.

17. Lightning Achievements

Score a goal within 8 seconds of the start of the match to get 25 points instantly. This achievement will be achieved more easily if you are the team to hold the ball first and catch up quickly with the game from the very first seconds. Do not hesitate, attack from the very beginning!

Dream League Soccer HD1 6 - Emergenceingame

18. Corner Goal Achievement

This is an achievement that seems easy but difficult, even impossible. You will have a great bonus 50 gold coins when scoring directly from a corner.

Achievements of wins and scores:

19. Victory Achievement

Win your first match at the start of Dream League Soccer to score 5 points.

20. Winning Team Achievements

The team with 10 wins will get 10 gold coins.

21. Achievements Now That’s More I Like It

20 points is the prize money awarded to the battle team won 20 games in total.

22. Top Form Achievement

Each win wins you 1 gold coin, so if Win 50 matches you will have 50 gold coins.

23. Invincible Achievements!

Win 100 matches to get 100 gold coins.

24. Invulnerable Achievements!

This is an achievement for players who “dedicate” a long time and are loyal to Dream League Soccer game. You will receive 1000 gold coins for winning 1000 matches.

Dream League Soccer HD1 7 - Emergenceingame

25. Good Sport Achievement

Don’t think friendly matches are mere formality and worth nothing! In addition to the players being rubbed on the field and practicing professional competitive skills, players also bring themselves 10 points for each win.

26. Draw Specialist Achievements

What if your team is a ‘draw specialist’? Do not worried, 10 draws also gives you 10 extra “comfort” gold coins.

Player transfer achievements:

27. Achievement First Signing

Sign the first player for your dream team to receive 10 gold coins.

28. Achievement On a Budget

When you are contracted with The player whose transfer value is 0, of course the team also has 5 gold coins. So, let’s work hard to find “free” players in the transfer market to bring back the team. Of course, “free” players are usually not worth the game high, but you can completely train them to improve your skills and strength in the future.

29. Achievement Record Breaking Transfer

If your budget is abundant and enough money to buy a player with a transfer contract value of over 600 gold coins, you will be rewarded with 25 gold coins.

30. Achievement Sign on the dotted line

When you buy a total of 5 players to your Dream Team team, you will receive 25 gold coins.

31. Achievements Catalog of Players

Similar to the above achievement, if you buy 10 players to the team, the bonus is 50 coins.

32. Transfers Achievements!

Buy a total of 20 new players for 100 coins.

33. Achievement Revolving Door

When the total number of players purchased for the Dream Team team reaches 100, you will receive 200 gold coins.

Dream League Soccer HD1 8 - Emergenceingame

Achievements about the upgrade packages:

34. Achievements Home, Sweet, Home

Stadium upgrading is also an important factor in the upgrade system of the game Dream League Soccer. when the yard upgrades, you will attract more spectators to the pitch and this greatly improves the team’s finances. When you upgrade the field for the first time, you will get 10 bonus points.

35. Stadium Achievement

The focus on stadium upgrades is never superfluous. If Buy all the upgrade packs for the field, you will receive 100 gold coins.

36. Achievement of Fashion Victim

If the “fashion victim” of Dream League Soccer – Unlock all the kit packages available in the game, you will have 50 gold coins. However, this achievement is only available to veteran gamers of Dream League Soccer. To buy all the Kit in the game, you need to have a strong financial resources and participate in many tournaments in different colors.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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