3D Sword Emperor “Golden Dragon Release” gives gamers a great inter-server TOP racing event

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Sword Emperor 3D is known as an extremely large and quite united community of gamers. Since the early days of its launch, the game has always been trusted by a large number of players from all over the country and chooses this as a daily spiritual food. However, an inadequacy that has been reflected by many players over the past time is that:Why, until now, there have not been events to stimulate people to fight, so it is true to the spirit of the name KING DAO so far?“.

Listening to gamers, recently BQT Sword Emperor 3D officially launched the event “Race TOP inter-server battle force” with so many rewards that just owning it is enough for you to “proclaim one way.” Besides, an in-kind gift – that is BQT’s 24K GOLDEN DRAGON is also “listened” to create motivation for gamers to work harder.

Accordingly, the rules of the event are also introduced very clearly on the official fanpage of Sword De 3D, for more details visit now: https://bom.to/eHGZGg

Event content is shared on the Fanpage of Sword De 3D.

When the event officially kicked off, immediately across the rankings of battle strength in the internal servers, there were dizzying changes. From the unknown heroes on the chart suddenly entering the TOP 10, even threatening the number one position in the charts of the hegemony of cluster 1 is Shiro (s4 ​​- 25,198,288 fighting force) and cluster 2 is MrGim ( s19 – 16,841,786 combat force).

TOP 1 battle strength in 2 current clusters of Sword Emperor 3D.

Currently, the inter-server TOP racing event is entering the sprint stages when the event’s end time is March 13. In a way, many heroes of Sword Emperor 3D are spared no effort to increase their fighting power, knocking the TOP of the chart with their own strength. Hopefully, this battle of strength will become a healthy playground and bring many useful moments of entertainment in the days when the Covid-19 pandemic is having complicated developments.

The heroic hero of Sword Emperor 3D is actively increasing his fighting strength in the hope of getting the special “Golden Dragon” of the BQT.

All information about Sword Emperor 3D, gamers can access at:

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