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20 Best PS4 Games (Part 1)

Battlefield 1 - Emergenceingame

Up to now, we have a lot of games built for the PS4 platform. If you are one of the more than 60 million people who own it, choosing which game is the most interesting and worth playing is not an easy task. What is the best PS4 game?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list below of the games we think are the best value for money and time.

Note: the list below is not listed in ranking order, Except “Horizon Zero Dawn” is undoubtedly the best game for PS4 today and of course it deserves to be ranked at the top of the table. As for the remaining 28 games, they are all very interesting titles, but they will not be arranged in a specific order.

29. “Rocket League”

What is “Rocket League”? It was a lunatic’s vision of the future of football. It’s football with rocket cars, playing three against three or four against four. Yes!

You can make your car jump, flip, you will even have rockets to increase speed for a certain amount of time. Simply play and enjoy this fun with friends. Can you grab the ball to score your own goals or keep them away from your goal? This is the question you most want answered in “Rocket League”. Good luck!

28. “Final Fantasy XV”

If you’ve never played a Japanese role-playing game on a grand scale, this is a good opportunity to start. “Final Fantasy XV” is a brilliant, large-scale role-playing game, set in a futuristic/fantasy world. In the game you will not drive a supercar like above, but instead you will ride on the backs of large birds (Chocobo) and defeat bizarre monsters.

27. “Grand Theft Auto V”

“Grand Theft Auto” has never been rated so well compared to the latest version: “Grand Theft Auto V”.

In “GTA V” you will control one of the three main characters, perform massive robberies and do other crazy things. The game is a satire of the lives of modern American residents recreated in a huge open world.

26. “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”

“The Lost Legacy” is another story in the “Uncharted” world. Nathan Drake is replaced by a duo: Chloe Frazer – who you will play, and Nadine Ross. They have a complicated relationship, yet it brings a new experience.

This is a third-person, action-adventure game, it will remain what “Uncharted” has to offer. With attractive gameplay plus an open world (relatively small) – making “The Lost Legacy” different from previous games in the series.

25. “Journey”

“Journey” is a game suitable for all ages. This is a beautiful third person game with gameplay that only lasts a few hours.

The game’s “plot” isn’t so important – what matters is what happens when you start the game. To avoid spoiling your experience, the writer will not spoiler. It is best that you take a day off for yourself to enjoy the beauty of this game.

24. “Until Dawn”

Looking for a horror game but hate zombies? Then Until Dawn is what you need, it reminds me of “Saw”. Instead of looking for ammunition, you’ll play as one of a group of teenagers whose sole purpose is to stay alive – often running away instead of fighting. Will you survive a night of horror? Hope so!

23. “Sonic Mania”

“Sonic Mania” gives you excitement with its gameplay, the game has classic sound and graphics. “Sonic Mania” is a Sonic-themed game that Sega has been trying to create for over 20 years and this is the first Sonic game that I recommend to experience. You don’t have to be a Sonic connoisseur, or a crazy fan to enjoy a good game.

22. “Battlefield 1”

“Battlefield 1” is a game set in World War I, nOh, but the battlefield is full of tunnels, poisonous gas, and the corpses of fallen soldiers. The game will provide players with a surprisingly realistic battlefield from weapons to the destruction machines of the army in World War I. This is a multiplayer game that I recommend you get if it drops in price.

21. “Axiom Verge”

“Axiom Verge” owns a large 2D world where you can explore and explore. If you’ve played games like “Metroid” and “Castlevania”, you’ll find it quite familiar. With 16-bit graphics combined with game play makes the game good in its own way.

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