10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

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Dragons have always been the inspiration of many game makers.


10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

Skyrim’s plot revolves around the player character’s journey to defeat Alduin, a dragon predicted to destroy the world. Occurring 200 years after Oblivion, the game is set in the fictional land of Skyrim located on the Tamriel continent of the planet Nirn. The Elder Scrolls series’ open-world gameplay continues to return in Skyrim; players can skip or delay the plot to explore freely. Skyrim was a commercial success with 7 million copies sold in its first week.

10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

In the latest version in 2018, God of War has given players an extremely attractive dragon battle. As he explores the snowy mountains, father and son Kratos will have to confront Dragon Hraezlyr, a giant dragon capable of destroying everything it sees. As a result, the Greek god of war and his son defeated Dragon Hraezlyr and then collected scales and teeth to continue the journey.

10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

Set in medieval Europe, Century: Age of Ashes transports you to a world where humans and dragons live in harmony. Each warrior will own from one to many dragons and you will accompany them on the way to conquer the world.

As a pure action, role-playing game, you will be able to choose for yourself the dragons you like. After the process of training as well as character development, you and your dragon will participate in earth-shaking battles.

In addition to the difference in dragon races, each character also has many different skills. Divided into 3 character classes including Windguard, Marauder and Phantom. The smooth combination of characters and dragons will be the key point for you to win.

Demon’s Souls is set in Boletaria, a kingdom destroyed by a darkness called the Old One released through the use of Forbidden Souls. The player assumes the role of a hero brought to Boletaria to slay the fallen King Allant and restore peace with the Old One.

10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

The game takes on five different worlds from a hub called the Nexus, with tough combat mechanics plus the player’s constant death and respawn triggering punishment, making the game truly a test. challenge. Multiplayer mode allows you to capture items through fighting.

Starting on PS3, Demon’s Souls is now relaunched on PS5, Sony’s most advanced system. With the current success, Demon’s Souls can be a launch pad for the next versions of Souls games to be remade on PS5 in turn.

The most popular role-playing game in 2020 also owns an impressive dragon fight. That is Dvalin (also known as Phong Ma Long), a giant wind-type dragon.

Dragon Wind Ma Long – Dvalin is one of the most powerful and difficult to defeat early game bosses in Genshin Impact. It’s in a mainline quest and you force through to continue the story. With his strength, Dvalin will cause many difficulties for gamers.

10 games that let you fight giant dragons (part 1)

Later, when the character’s strength has improved, fighting with Phong Ma Long also becomes simpler and easier. At this point, the weekly killing of the Wind Ma Long is only for obtaining valuable materials.

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