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Wind God Summoner – Immerse yourself madly in a beautiful 3D RPG

Character building game with bold animation design brings a new feeling and appearance to familiar characters, besides an attractive gameplay system with PVP and PVE activities and systems. A social system that allows players to make friends.


The game is built on 3D graphics and extremely sharp images, combining a Chinese mythological scene, creating a super cute chibi style design, bringing a modern twist. , different from the classic-style characters you’ve played in other games.


Regarding the gameplay system, it’s still the style card game familiar with turn-based combat. In addition to the main character you choose, you can also recruit a few other characters to your team, come up with strategies, tactics, and arrange a team to conquer the challenges that await. Players can team up with 6 people, upgrade the array according to the five elements, the characters are classified by stars and levels with separate skills, the battle process is simple, when you do not need to manually controls that have an automatic support system, along with beautiful moves.


Players can participate in solo PK matches, or PVE side challenges, join guilds, in addition the game also has other social features such as chat channels, marriage in the virtual world…


In short, the game really leaves a deep impression on players thanks to its beautiful graphics, fresh character design, and a rich social system that will satisfy even the most discerning player. After a long testing period in the Chinese market last year, now that the game has been officially released on the Android platform, Phong Than Summoning will be the next role-playing card game worth experiencing.

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