Why doesn’t Joy charge when plugged into Nintendo Switch?

Joy does not charge when plugged into the body of the Nintendo Switch, there are many reasons, but one of them is extremely worrying leading to damage to the device if you leave it for a long time. So today nShop would like to share again to summarize Joy’s battery related things below!

joy child not charging on nintendo switch

Joy does not charge when plugged into the body – Battery error or machine error?

According to statistics, up to 70% of gamers charge Joy-con through the camera body instead of buying Charging Grip good Joycon charging dock private. Therefore, the problem of Joy, not charging, when plugged into the camera body, is easy to recognize immediately. Determining the cause, according to experience from nShop has the following cases:

1 / Error on Joy Con:

  • Cause 1: Joy con ru tray (flickering) resulting in failure to charge
  • How to test: Borrow the device of another friend who is using it and plug it into their phone to see if it charges or not. If still not charging, this error is correct!
  • Treatment: Bring to shop instead of another tray / tray

joy the rail is broken

  • Cause 2: Damaged battery
  • How to test: This requires you to try the battery to know, so if you plug it into your friend’s device and still not charge up, you can bring it to the store for the test technique and report it.
  • Treatment: Replace batteries

replace the battery for the joy nintendo switch

Of the two reasons above, cause 1 is the most likely to happen, battery damage is almost rare. There is also a third reason is damage to the board of Joy child. With this error, it is better to buy a new Joy to repair because the situation is mostly due to water loss, heavy falls.

Some of you disagree with the result that the circuit board is damaged due to careful keeping. However, be careful because it is not the same situation “in water” It means you drop Joy-con into the water tank, pour a glass of water, get caught in the rain … but also happen to some gamers who get sweaty hands. The process of spending a few months may not have any symptoms, but if you play the game for a long time, sweat will be creeping into each button slot.

=> The way to reduce damage is that if you feel your hands are sweaty, you should prepare a dry towel to play the game for a long time to dry once!

2 / Error on the body of the Nintendo Switch

If you borrow someone else’s phone, plug in Joy, then don’t charge it, try it! Joy your child is still charging normally on someone else’s device which means condolences. The situation at this time changed from a damaged handle to a malfunctioning machine. However, do not panic, because this error has not “heavenly” I have to go to nShop to buy a new Nintendo Switch. Just take it to the emergency room in time only:

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  • Cause 1: Damaged rails on the Nintendo Switch body
  • Overcome: Replace the rails

The Nintendo Switch Rail Switch is Broken

If you pay hundreds of thousands of times, it is easy to sympathize with Nintendo, the case of Joy, not charging due to this error is rare and the rate is nearly as low as the damaged Joy’s battery. Replacing new rails helps Joy not to charge back to normal nor too complicated, just you need to “little” nShop again 1 working day is finished processing!

However, besides the fault of the ray on the camera body that leads to the Joy of the child not charging, there is another more thrilling cause, which is your usage!

nintendo switch fan failure

  • Cause 2: The Nintendo Switch overheats leading to fan burnout
  • Explain: Some Switches spend more than 1 year in dusty conditions leading to a dust-filled ventilation location, no condition that the fan heatsink will run at full capacity. After a period of time off, the fan in the machine also “stop breathing” always. The principle on the Nintendo Switch board is that when the fan stops running, overheating will lead to stopping charging auxiliary devices such as Joy con to reduce the heat load. This is also a warning sign for you to catch the disease and take it for repair.
  • Overcome: Replace the radiator fan, clean the machine & replace the thermal paste

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Note when using Nintendo Switch for you

Among the reasons that lead to the error of Joy, the child does not charge above, the most dangerous is the last one: the fan is damaged due to the dirty and overheating of the fan. If you try to continue using the fanless condition, the machine will hang easily and may lead to malfunction. Therefore, please pay attention to the 1 year period after using the machine to clean / replace the thermal grease periodically every year.

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Note also that the nShop status listed above is that Joy is not fully charged, not the situation where Joy is not fully charged, the battery between the two sides of Joy, the left and right child, is% different! Because when you charge the Joy on the body, the device needs to ensure a full battery capacity to power the 2 joys on both sides to charge. If it’s just a problem that Joy doesn’t charge when the battery is low, don’t worry!

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