Why “2 days 1 night” becomes a professional PUBG player

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Jung Joon Youngthe star of the TV show “2 Days 1 Night”, and also the main vocalist of Drug Restaurant (Rock Band) has officially signed a contract to become a professional gamer of the team PUBG Kongdoo Reddot. Obviously, although it is unknown how he will play, Korean PUBG fans have had a chance to go crazy over this information.

About Kongdoo, this is the company founded by Hong “YellOw” Jin Ho, a retired professional Starcraft gamer. Kongdoo also owns a League of Legends team called Kongdoo Monsters quite famous. As for the Kongdoo Reddot team, PUBG fans will not be unfamiliar with this name, if they know Jung Joon Young will play alongside. EVERMORE – a name that is quite familiar to the professional PUBG village.


According to the share from Kongdoo Company, Jung Joon Young impressed them with his skill and understanding of PUBG. If that’s true, then it’s obviously not just a marketing deal as many would think.

In an interview, Jung Joon Young also shared, “I know there is a huge difference between simply enjoying the game and playing like a professional gamer. Now, I have become a member of a professional team, and I will do my best to blend in with my teammates, to become a player who can contribute to the team.”


Despite hearing these very focused statements, many people still find it hard to believe in Jung Joon Young’s ability in the role of a professional gamer. Because, to catch up with teammates as well as compete in a professional environment, he will need to practice extremely hard every day. That, of course, is not possible if Jung Joon Young still wants to keep his career as a singer and actor.
How will Jung Joon Young perform in his new role in the PUBG arena? Let’s wait and see.

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