Which squad can “devour” the opponent quickly in the Arena of Truth?

With Auto Chess-style strategy games, it is very important to buy good generals as you want and arrange the team. And in the lower part of the article, EmergenceInGame will introduce you to 3 ways to build teams for those with a style of playing in the style of shock damage, 1 hit – 1 die in the game of Truth Arena!

1. The Dark Star formation revolved around Shaco:

Shaco is a general belonging The Black Star – Secret Service, and this hero is capable of carrying teams well because of the ability to transform, plus damage in the form of shock damage. Shaco’s favorite target is the enemy champions with the most equipment (usually Carry), if those heroes do not have enough items, they will quickly fly color, evaporate in just 1 note because Shaco will attack. Critical hit based on basic attack damage%.

Because the Dark Star is a quite special Race in the Truth Arena, the combined power is only promoted when the Black Star general dies, the remaining Dark Star allies on the field will receive additional damage (physical and magic). . So when combined with the Secret System (when the battle starts, he immediately moves behind the enemy Team), Shaco is usually the longest lasting champion.

Shaco with Death Sword + Guinsoo’s Rageblade + Cannon Barrage

In addition, the price of 3 gold will also make raising Shaco not too difficult and expensive.

2. Super-tech squad (Cybernetic):

Build team according to the Super Tech race
Build team according to the Super Tech race

The composition of this roster is very strong in the early and late game, but in the middle of the game it will be the most difficult. Therefore, when you have an advantage in the early game, you should increase the maximum strength for the team, followed by balancing the amount of gold and “raising” Ekko at level 8.

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Ideal elements for this Super Tech team include:

  • Leona.
  • Fiora.
  • Ezreal.
  • Ekko – Carry.
  • Shen.
  • Lucian – Carry.
  • Irelia.
  • Because.

3. Jhin and friends:

Why Jhin?

When deciding to build in this style, you need to understand Jhin’s character, and he will carry very well when combined with 4 Vanguard heroes and 2 Mysteries, or 4 Mysteries and 2 Pioneers.

Besides, if the player’s dignity fails to open the Pioneer system, it can be completely replaced by Guardians, typically Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao or Rakan. Another ADC champion that can be combined with Jhin is Ashe.

When it comes to mid-game, the player should try to pick up Neeko and Ashe, which will activate the combined power of the Guardian-Gunner formation. Towards the end of the game (after level 8), you need to add 2 more Mystery heroes (ideally Karma and Lulu) to activate a 2-combo lineup of 3 Stars and 4 Space, will It helps the team have excellent heal, and Jhin also has great damage. If you have a winning streak and have good money and experience, press level 9 and add Gangplank or Miss Fortune to your squad.

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