When you photoshop the right people of PUBG, you will have a photo of your life like this

Since its launch in early 2017, PUBG has quickly been well received by gamers around the world. With its influence, PUBG has also become an endless source of inspiration for the birth of yearbook photos, wedding photos that can’t be more “quality”. Homeowners, PUBG enthusiasts and images of characters and battle costumes in the title survival game This is constantly being cosplayed by fans in many different styles.

Even, PUBG has become a topic that Photoshop “saints” take as an idea to create immortal works. Typically, recently, with just a photo following the trend of “falling face down”, but when through the photoshopped hands of a genuine PUBG player, it became a familiar “divine” skydive in the world. The hottest fierce survival game today.​

The original image


And the photo after photoshop

The unique collage screen can’t help but make netizens, especially the PUBG gaming community, excited. Especially the Clear helmet and flip flops make many people laugh.

In fact, this is not the first time PUBG gamers have released immortal non-humorous works like this. There have been many screens thanks to photoshop that the “worms” of PUBG have shown their talents to transform.

In fact, many people have received “bitter fruit” when they were so gullible thanks to the help of the online community with these photo editing phases. But perhaps the guy above is the lucky few among them when on the contrary, thanks to that, he received a photo “for life”.

Normally, our gamers are often assigned with countless labels such as dry, cold, heartless, lazy, childish … etc. Now through muddy games like this, we also know more Another extremely lovable personality of the gamer. In particular, he is also extremely talented and has boundless creativity.

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