What’s new in the Update Rules of Survival December 16, 2020?

As always, every Wednesday game version of the Law of Survival Rules Of Survival update and add some new content, fix bugs and optimize the experience to help users play better games. The content of the Rules of Survival update December 16, 2020 is as follows.

Constantly developing and innovating, NPH Rules of Survival continuously upgrades its cross-platform survival game to become more attractive, always bringing new situations so that users are not bored, fixing player errors early for gamers to experience guaranteed. Rules of Survival Update 12/16/2020 the same.

Did you update the rules of survival 16 12 2020 anything new?

Rules of Survival – Cross-platform Survival Law Game

Rules of Survival update maintenance time 12/16/2020

– Time to update ROS from 05:00 come 08:00 December 16, 2020
– Attention: Gamers do not log in when the system is under maintenance, updating the version.

Details of Uudate ROS version on December 16, 2020

1. New Content
– Close activities for 3rd Birthday events (Birthday Coin Supply, Benefit Return, Symbols Wheel)

2. Fix bug
– Fix bug where there is no Battle Jeep in Normal Rank.
– Fix the issue of not showing special fashions and hairstyles due to incompatibility
– Fix the bug that the ESC button could not be used to return to the Lobby of the PC version
– Fix image display error in some areas
– Fixed a bug where some architectures in the game were seriously distorted and flickered

3. Optimization and upgrade
– Optimize game lag
– Upgrade anti-hacking system.
– Optimized the game launch display.
– Optimized the interface of the main lobby and the lobby.

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Link to download Rules of Survival version 16/12/2020

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Windows

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Android

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for iPhone

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