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What’s HOT in the new Airdrop “Auditorium” in Ring of Elysium?

Airdrop, also known as “hearing box”, “hearing box”, “hearing box”, “hearing ball”, bring valuable items to gamers. On May 1 update, Ring of Elysium officially updated supply box.

Ring of Elysium

So how do I know when an airdrop occurs? What’s HOT on airdrops that players vie for each other? Invite you to find out in the article below:

Signs of Airdrop in Ring of Elysium

When the Airdrop hearing box appears, there will be a signal tone, then display the message “Airdrop supply has arrived” on all players’ screens. Now look up to the sky and look around to see if you can see any hearing boxes around where you stand.


After touching the ground, the balloon part will fly up, leaving a “hearing ball” with orange smoke, which is easy to observe from a distance. Because the supply box in the Ring of Elysium is spherical, if you fall on the correct slope, it will roll quite a long distance, you need to pay attention to look around that area.

Orange smoke released from Airdrop

Items in the Ring of Elysium game “chamber”

Items in the Airdrop ROE hearing box are quite diverse: High-grade protective equipment such as helmet 3, armor 3; Genuine accessories such as viewfinder X4, X8, silencer; Rare weapons like R700, VKS, AUG.

Items in "hearing box"

In which, AUG and VKS are weapons only available in the Airdrop ROE “crates”. With the following outstanding features:

  • AUG: An assault rifle (AR) that uses green ammo (5.56mm), with 4 accessory slots: Handle, Barrel, Magazine and Gun stock.
  • VKS: A sniper gun that uses .50ACP (Desert Eagle “silver pistol” ammunition), usually comes with Scope X8. With a faster rate of fire than conventional rifles and the damage is extremely high. When dropped with the case, each VKS only comes with 10 .50 ACP bullets, which is extremely rare so remember to collect as many .50 ACP bullets as soon as you can.


In addition, the May 1 update also brings a lot of changes such as allowing face customization and configuration adjustments to make the game run smoother.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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