What is Truth Arena game? Things to know before playing

Truth Arena – English name is Teamfight Tactics is a mini mode – Auto Battle League Of Legends (LOL for short) is very popular with the worldwide gaming community. Previously, the Arena of Truth was only available version for computer, the gameplay has many similarities with the mode Dota Auto Chess in Dota 2 game. So those who are new to playing, starting to learn about this Truth Arena game need to know, about the basic gameplay, types of troops, generals, how to earn gold, build items, arrange squads, reasonable tactics … then refer to the following article of EmergenceInGame offline!

What is the Truth Arena – TFT?

It’s a real-time strategy game, in total 8 players and play in style 1: 1. The battle took place in the map in the same form as 8×8 chess board of League of Legends. Each match will take place through rounds of turn.

Map of the game
The Arena of Truth takes place in this map

Legend animals:

This is a character representing each player, you can get at the beginning of the game, or buy in Shop Shop Alliance. With the Truth Arena summoned beast, the player can control it to move around the map like a champion, but cannot attack or affect an opponent champion or summoned beast. Besides, the summoned beast also has extremely cute and funny expressions.

Little Legends – Little Legends in the Arena of Truth

Controls in the game:

For most of the action in the Arena of Truth game, we will click the left mouse button. Inside:

  • Drag and drop heroes in position – Slot on the map. Move, arrange hero between the arena or the standby queue.
  • Drag and drop items picked up on each champion to use.
  • Click to buy generals in the store, or drag and drop to the Shop to sell.
  • Click on your opponent’s icon in the right vertical row (or small map location in the bottom right corner of the screen) to see the situation of other players.
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Truth Arena Map
Truth Arena Map

Some other controls include:

  • Press the W key While the mouse is on a Hero in the backup, it will put that champion on the map or vice versa, will bring the hero from the map to the reserve position.
  • Select and Press the E key to sell that general.
  • Press 1 or 2 keys to watch the next opponent’s ring or return.
  • Press the Space key (Spacebar) to return to your summoned beast’s current location.

Pictures of Arena and locations to note on the map:

The positions to note in the Arena of Truth
The positions to note in the Arena of Truth
  • Box 1: and the familiar location of the summoned beast.
  • Box 2: Your ring, the top opposite is your opponent’s.
  • Box 3: Your backup Hero.
  • Box 4: Shop store, here you can buy heroes from randomly spawned generals. Every 3 identical generals placed together will be combined to form a higher level (for example, 3 1-star generals to 1 2-star general, 3 2-star generals to 1 3-star champion – max max).
  • Box 5: Keep track of your race stats and hero status in the Arena of Truth.
  • Box 6: All collected equipment will appear here. You can attach it to any champion by dragging and dropping.
  • Box 7: Gold generators, they appear based on the amount of gold you have. Each machine will give you a certain amount of gold in the next round.
  • Box 8: Scorecard helps you keep track of your HP as well as all your opponents. Click on the corresponding icon to view their arena.
  • Box 9: Track the stage here to record all match information, won and lost passed, and how many rounds are left.
  • Box 10: Helps you know what stage you are in during the battle, and how much time is left until the end.
  • Box 11: On a live opponent’s stage, you will see the hero hero, the backup queue, the equipment store, the gold generator and even the opponent’s summoned beasts.
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