What is the Free Fire level? Rewards and how to level up fast

Let’s learn more about the level system with Taimienphi in Free Fire , a tactical shooter that offers various valuable rewards that players can get for free through the progress of leveling up, leveling up the character.

Free Fire completely free to play, so it makes many gamers have to recharge to buy items. However, NPH still regularly adds many free events for players to receive gifts, or players can also receive rewards by leveling up Free Fire. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the leveling system in Free Fire and what kind of rewards you can get from it.

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Everything you need to know about the level up system, level up to receive rewards in Free Fire

1. Introduction to the Free Fire level system

The player level system in Free Fire is quite similar to other games (PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile VN), the more you play, the more experience points you get and the faster you will level up, separating new players from those who don’t. old so they get the best experience. Teamwork is also leveled, and you rarely see a low level player if you’re at Level 50 or 60 or higher.

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As your account level up Free Fire, you will gradually unlock game features (e.g. level 8 unlocks team rank). 4 characters can be unlocked after leveling up (of course you can use Diamonds to buy) including: Andrew, Maxim, Paloma and Kelly. A random reward the player gets after each level.

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2. What is the Free Fire level up bonus?

In fact, there is no exact list of leveling up rewards for Free Fire, as the range of rewards players can get from leveling up is too much. From the useless 3-day shirt to legendary gun skins, or even characters that can only be obtained by using diamonds. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the Free Fire level, the higher the rewards. Low level players are less likely to get permanent items.

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3. How to level up fast in Free Fire?

The fastest way to level up Free Fire is to play ranked mode, which increases the experience gained by the difficulty by 20%. Other than that there is no other way to speed up your leveling except winning, reaching BOOYAH! in battle.

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The number of bots in Rank mode is extremely low, most of you will meet real players all the time, and this makes the game much more difficult. For faster Free Fire level up time, it’s better to play Solo Rank, because the time is shorter than other modes.

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