What is HD Rumble? Missing it Nintendo Switch Lite has lost its appeal?

What is HD Rumble that stars since Nintendo Switch Lite announced So everyone is talking about this feature? Is this such a great thing that if lost the Switch Lite will lose most of its appeal to a console? Today let’s find out everything about HD Rumble with nShop!

What is HD Rumble?

What is HD Rumble? Is it the same as other flux gain like on the PS4 controller?

HD Rumble is a new technology from Nintendo that aims to help elevate the vibrato of gaming controllers based on hardware and software. This feature, built into the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con, provides a more authentic vibe than ever: Now you can not only feel the power and lightness of the vibrato feature, but you can also feel the truth. the reality of what Joy-con is emulating.

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Video Explaining What is Nintendo HD Rumble …

The technology hidden inside this HD Rumble, in addition to being based on completely new hardware, is also integrated based on the software that the company researches. The HD Rumble’s detail when compared to normal vibrating features like Sony’s Dualshock 4 controller is so remarkable that a programmer can compose music based on the vibrations of the Joy-con when placed on a flat surface.

Nintendo Switch Lite lacks HD Rumble

When asked what HD Rumble is, Nintendo said there are many more interesting things but still reveal to users about the secret inside this technology when applying with other technologies. Nintendo Labo is just one of the original applications!

So what does the lack of HD Rumble mean for the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Probably after reading the article Compare Nintendo Switch Lite with Nintendo Switch, many of you will immediately wonder what HD Rumble is. So now that we find out what HD Rumble is, we will wonder if there will be any impact when Nintendo cuts this feature in Switch Lite version?

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Simply put, from the lack of HD Rumble, you will lose two things in the short term, including:

  • Ability to vibrate when playing games (When shooting, exploding, impact … will no longer vibrate).
  • Compatibility with Nintendo Labo (Nintendo confirmed since publication).

What does Nintendo Switch hd rumble mean?

What is HD Rumble and what does it mean …?

So is it important? The answer is up to you. Do you play Nintendo Labo? And do you like the controller’s vibration when playing games? Most of us like this vibration feature, especially the HD technology vibration “get high” more. But if it affects the gaming experience, it is not as big as you think it is.

You are just like every other gamer reading this article – that means you’re interested in a handheld console. In most generations of handheld game consoles from Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS or even PSP and PS Vita, there is no game console with vibration feature. We are so used to this that nShop thinks that whether or not it will not affect you too much.

$ 100 means a lot to many of us

Hope this post HD Rumble is what will help you better understand the technology inside the Nintendo Switch Joy-con this. And like Nintendo said, it’s fun to have so many options in life. Some people find cut features necessary but others find it unnecessary and it’s a waste to spend $ 100 more on not using it. So what do we get from Switch Lite is the choice. Wish you choose the right game machine for you!

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