What is BOOYAH Pass Free Fire? Compare Elite Pass and BOOYAH Pass

Finally NPH Garena also announced a big change in the system. The publishers will stop offering the Elite Pass and will replace it with the BOOYAH Pass Free Fire that is sure to get fans excited.

Since the Elite pass was replaced with the BOOYAH Pass Free Fire in January 2023. Therefore, NPH Garena has allowed players to access the Elite pass for December 2022 for free. However, Garena also revealed that the new version of the game. Free Fire BOOYAH Pass There will be much better rewards.

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booyah pass free fire what is

Learn about the Free Fire Booyah Pass and its difference with the Elite Pass

I. BOOYAH Pass Free Fire What is it?

BOOYAH Pass Free Fire is a special package, gamers need to use diamonds and spend time on missions to level up and receive exclusive rewards of NPH, namely: KLegendary Weapon Skins, Gloo Wall skins, Tailor Bundle and other rewards.

the characters in booyah pass free fire

II. Compare BOOYAH Pass vs Elite Pass

1. Similarities

Both packs are released monthly, and come with exclusive skins, gun skins with the same theme, and premium rewards that appeal to Free Fire fans.

2. Difference between BOOYAH Pass vs Elite Pass

– In-game rewards:

+ BOOYAH Pass Free Fire package: With this package, gamers will receive Garena’s premium rewards including: Cutie Emoji Avatar, Evil Emoji Avatar, Bang bang pack, Ticking Bom Gift Box, Devil Icon Backpack, Devil Symbol Umbrella, .. .

I understand that you have a free fire pass

+ Elite Pass Free Fire Package: Players who own the infinity pack will receive less rewards than the BOOYAH Pass package, making gamers more and more boring.

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booyah pass free fire is hot

– Value: Although BOOYAH Pass Free Fire is more expensive than Elite Pass, but in return, BOOYAH Pass comes with new skins, gun skins, packages, quality costumes with eye-catching effects.

+ On the other hand, the Elite Pass is currently being distributed for free to Free Fire gamers. You need to log in by 12/23/2022, after this period you won’t be able to receive them.

Compare booyah pass free fire and Elite Pass

– System: To differentiate the Booyah Pass from the Elite Pass, Garena decided to change the old Elite Pass Badge system to a Level System. Now, players only need to reach new levels to unlock the next BP bonus.

Through the above article, you must have understood what BOOYAH Pass Free Fire is and the difference between BOOYAH Pass vs Elite Pass, right? In addition, with the upcoming Free Fire OB38 update gamers will need to enter list of Free Fire activation codes OB39 The beta allows gamers to experience new features before launching a new version.

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