Vo Lam Truyen Ky H5 – Enjoy going to the battlefield, hunting bosses all day is not enough

In the current version, Vo Lam Truyen Ky H5 (VLTK H5) will launch 5 sects including Nga My, Wudang, Cai Bang, Thien Vuong, Ngu Doc with each faction, equipment, and monster system all developed based on the five-element system that makes the game become more interactive. more balanced than ever.

At the same time, you will really live in the world of martial arts with full of PvE events, large and small-scale PvP such as Tong Kim Battlefield, Cong Thanh war and Scramble for training grounds, hunting bosses everywhere.


There gamers are still free to move on large maps, without limits. You can plug in a trust to plow levels, perform wild missions, destiny, hunt Boss map, World Boss or participate in thousands of PK activities like Tong Kim, Cong Thanh Chien, Tranh Ba… Or even Even allowing the boss character to drop items and freely auction items is enough to make VLTK H5 superior to many other role-playing games today. This is the unique quality that the game brings to gamers, allowing them to unleash their personal bravery on all battlefields.


Talking more about the battlefield activities of Cong Thanh Chien and typical Tong – Kim, perhaps this is not a strange name to the gaming community. But the appearance of VLTK H5 with improvements and changes in line with the current trend has recreated the most perfect images and features for fans of the old sword game. Especially the classic battlefield activities like Tong Kim, Cong Thanh Chien version 2018 promises to satisfy the passion of murder of the group of players who love the traditional swordplay game series when pushing the scale to the next level. inter-server with thousands of participants at the same time. In which rewards and honor points also become much more valuable than other combat activities that the game brings.


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It must be recognized that in VLTK H5 players can find the familiar feelings of a time eating, sleeping with the game, fighting side by side with the brothers in the battlefields of the VLTK era. Those unique battlefield activities both inherit the quintessence of the old classics and bring interesting innovations, creating a unique feature for VLTK H5 without losing the taste of the sword RPG series. which day.

If you have been a fan of VLTKs, then VLTK H5 will be a reasonable choice not to be missed in this October 2018!

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