Valorant: Update 2.0 details

Valorant has released a major update 2.0 with many major changes such as the release of Agent Yoru and a rebalancing of the power of the agents. Let’s join to learn about the latest update of Valorant through the following article.

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Valorant: Update 2.0 details

Launch of Agent Yoru

After a while of waiting, gamers can experience a new agent called Yoru. For details, Yoru’s biography and skill sets invite you to refer to the article: Biography and skills of the new agent – Yoru.

Balance the power of agents


  • Stim Beacon (C): Skips skill’s equipping time. Now the skill will be used as soon as the player presses the corresponding key. (No need to left click after pressing skill key)
  • Molotov (Q): Discount from 300 -> 200
  • Sky Smokes (E): Range increased from 4200 -> 5000. Smoke duration increased from 14.25s -> 19.25s. Equipment Upgrade: Enemies will no longer hear sounds when Brimstone uses Sky Smokes.


Balance the power of the gun


  • Jump shot accuracy reduced from 0.4 -> 1.0
  • Rate of fire reduced from 0.065 -> 0.225
  • Strongly reduced accuracy when fired continuously.

Fix some game bug bugs.

End of update 2.0.

Updated: January 19, 2021

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