Update ROS September 23, launch Autumn Festival activity

At 5 a.m. on September 23, 2020, Rules Of Survival undergoing maintenance that ends the S14 season and kicks off the S15 season, adding a limited-time Autumn Festival activity, new Rifle M16A4 gun in ROStopia.

As always, after the end of a season, the old Ranked Match rankings and season trophy data will be deleted, specifically here the S14 Rules of Survival season. S15 will start as soon as players update the game to the latest version on September 23, 2020.

update ros 23 9 out of autumn festival

Launching Autumn Festival activities and S15 Rules of Survival season

ROS update maintenance time 9/23

– Maintenance time: From 05:00 to 08:00 September 23, 2020
– Note: Unable to log in during the above time period and it may take longer.

Detailed content of ROS update 23/9

1. Launching Autumn Festival activities
– Autumn Festival operation time is from September 23 to October 7.
– During the operation, new tasks will be created every hour in the time frame from 8:00 to 22:00 every day.
– Players can win quests by themselves or join other players’ quest teams, completing can receive bonus points and corresponding bonus props.
– When the bonus points reach the qualifying level, the player can receive the corresponding discount.
– Players receive discounts that can be used during Autumn Festival activities, including directly purchasing Autumn Festival fashion, weapons and participating in the Autumn Festival prize draw.
– After the activity ends, there will be no more discount.

2. New S15 season
After the maintenance on September 23, the S14 season will end and the S15 season will open. When the new season is opened, this season’s ranking data and trophy data will be deleted. All players participating in the Ranked Tournament will receive season rewards based on player tier:
– Master: High Supply Ticket*60, Manipulator Fighter Set, Master Symbol S14.
– Elite: High Supply Ticket*50, Manipulator Fighter Set, Master Symbol S14.
– Diamonds: High Supply Ticket*33, Manipulator Fighter Set, Elite Symbol S14.
– Platinum: High Supply Ticket*25, Manipulator Fighter Set.
– Gold: High Supply Ticket*16, Manipulator Fighter Set
– Silver: High Supply Ticket*8.
– Bronze: High Supply Ticket*5.

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3. New Guns and Battle Shop opening
– New gun M16A4: Brand new Rifle gun M16A4 added to ROStopia.
– Updated S15 Squad Shop, selling Violet Nebula-themed looks.
– Slightly reduced Vector and PP19’s medium range damage, slightly increased Vector’s ranged damage.

4. Bug Fixes and Optimization
– Fix some players’ lobby background not having effects.
– Fix the rule of comeback activity, the same account can only receive 1 old character when returning, receive the returning veteran bonus.
– Upgrade anti-hacking system.
– Optimized interface.

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Link Download ROS version 23/9/2020

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Windows

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for Android

=> Link Download Rules Of Survival for iPhone

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