Unlocking achievements in PS games now allows gamers to earn money

Over the weekend, a newly updated section of the Rewards Passes section of the Sony Rewards website began listing gold, silver and platinum trophies as milestones that gamers can reach to earn points. The number of points received can be exchanged for real money on the system PSN (PlayStation Network). Although the amount usually received is not much and there is no clear indication as to whether it is possible to redeem points more than once, at least now there is an additional practical reward for gamers who have spent a lot of money. hours to unlock achievements one by one.


More specifically, with 100 silver trophies, gamers will receive 100 points (equivalent to 1 point for each silver trophy). With 25 gold trophies, each player gets 250 points (10 points for each gold trophy). With 10 platinum trophies, each gamer gets 1000 points (100 points each platinum trophy).


After collecting 1000 points, gamers will receive a $10 bonus of the PSN system, which means that if you collect 10 precious platinum trophies, you will be able to buy a cheap indie game. As for the silver and gold trophy rewards, the amount is enough to buy a few more songs on the system.
For comparison, let’s take the current highest milestone is player Roughdaw4, he is at the top of the rankings with 15,551 silver cups, 6,903 gold cups, 1,359 platinum trophies. If this gamer changes all his fortune at the current exchange rate, he will receive about 1,583 dollars (nearly 40 million dong).

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However, in order for the trophies to be recognized, gamers must register for Sony Rewards and have an account PlayStation associated with it from before receiving the trophy. In addition, this program is currently only available in the US.​

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