Twistzz joins FaZe while Kjearbye is on the bench

FaZe Clan recently officially announced the joining of Twistzz, while Kjearbye will have to sit on the bench.

Twistzz joins FaZe while Kjearbye is on the bench

On January 31st, FaZe Clan officially welcomed Twistzz to their starting lineup. The 21-year-old player joined FaZe after saying goodbye to Team Liquid since the IEM Global Challenge.

This is the next step in my career, an opportunity to continue to grow as a pro gamer and get back where I want to be.” – the Canadian player wrote. “Titles lie ahead and I believe in myself and my teammates that we can be the best, I am very excited about this opportunity right now.


Along with the announcement of Twistzz’s joining, FaZe moved Kjaerbye to the team’s bench, which means Olofmeister – the Swedish legend will continue to play in the starting position.

I joined my first international team with big dreams and high hopes”- Kjearbye, a major winner wrote in one of his Tweets. He also added that they were never found.”strength and consistency” when playing with him and respect this decision.

Twistzz joins FaZe while Kjearbye is on the bench

After dropping out of CS Summit 7, FaZe will be hoping Twistzz can add more firepower to continue improving its position on the world rankings. Besides replacing Kjaerbye, it was also previously rumored that Danish IGL Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen would join after NiKo’s departure last October.

However, Karrigan still runs the mousesports project, which recently added Frederik ‘acoR’ Gyldstrand to its lineup in place of chrisJ. FaZe’s new lineup is expected to debut at BLAST Premier’s Spring Groups on February 4.

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