Turn photos into 3D images with Photoshop

Today, 3D technology is increasingly infiltrating our lives, from movies, games, TVs and handheld devices like Smartphones, … and even in photos. This article will guide you to turn photos into 3D images with just a few simple steps in Photoshop.

Creating 3D photo effects in Photoshop is not as difficult as you think, let’s do the manipulations to turn photos into 3D photos in Photoshop.

Tutorial Turn photos into 3D images with Photoshop


– Download and install Photoshop on your computer
– A photo taken to turn into a 3D photo
– 3D glasses to clearly see the results after implementation

Step 1: Open your photo in Photoshop software

Step 2: Press Ctrl+J twice to triple the background layer. Rename the layer below as “Red”the upper layer is “Left Red”.

Step 3: For layer “Red”you double click on that layer (or press right mouse and choose Blending OptionsS…). In the channel Channelsunchecked WOOD and REMOVE.

Do the same with layer “Left Red”but for now we will deselect CHEAP.

Step 4: Select layer “Red”. Enter Edit/Transform/Perspective

Drag the left corner of the image to about 4.5

Do the same with layer “Left Red” but this time will drag the right angle (also about -4.5).

Step 5: Use tools Move tool (V) move layer “Left Red” to match the figure in the middle with the layer “Red”.

Step 6: Finally, use the tool Crop tool (C) to cut out unnecessary parts of the image.

And we get the following result:

We have just worked with you to turn photos into 3D images in Photoshop. Now let’s use 3D glasses to check the results!

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