Truth arena: The equipment is unfortunately “abandoned”

In the game The arena of truth There exists a paradox that there are quite a few highly-rated equipment that are “ignored” by gamers. Let’s also see which items are in the article below.

1. Iron Solari necklace

Iron Solari necklace

Reason Iron Solari necklace fell into a situation of being “estranged” by many gamers because its component equipment could be assembled into more meta-items. Such as Net Armor when paired with for BF to form Angel Armor good Sticks Too Large can be combined into many items to increase magic damage.

However, you should know that Iron Solari necklace possessing a huge amount of shields is the most powerful item in the mid game.

2. A chain of redemption

A chain of redemption

Although possessing a mutant effect in the late game, many gamers still prioritize damage items. To maximize efficiency of A chain of redemptionYou should give the important “less” champion in your team as a shield, allowing the other pieces to have time to heal.

Then, your opponent can not stack damage in an attack and that is your chance to win the match again.

Cup of strength

Cup of strength

Other than League of Legends, index AP in The arena of truth will add a percentage of skill damage of champions, instead of adding damage to skills by a certain ratio. So with 30 AP of the Cup of strength, you will increase the 2 main forces each hero 30% skill damage. This is very powerful equipment in the late game.

4. Break the sword

Break the sword

In The arena of truth, gamers mainly use Sword Breaking for chess pieces Gunners. However, besides, players can use this equipment for special champions like Ekko, Irilia good Secret Detective to take advantage of the effect Do Not Beat its.

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