Total War launched the character design of the “archer god” of the Three Kingdoms period

In previous articles, Total War Three Kingdoms has in turn published images of excellent and talented generals of the Three Kingdoms period, today the manufacturer continues to release a poster of a new character, a general who was Dubbed the god of archery in the Dong Ngo Dynasty with the name Thai Su Tu.


According to sources, Thai Su Tu is an outstanding archer and a very loyal general who will devote himself to his master even at the cost of his life. to the high mountains or to the sea of ​​fire.


As far as the character’s poster can be seen, the weapon that Thai Su Tu uses in the game is a large bow with no small damage, besides 3 types of skills and their functions can be used. to fight in turn is “Ice Storm Chi Chi” which has the function of slowing down the enemy’s attack speed, followed by “Tan Tiep Chi Hoa” which will have the effect of firing arrows continuously in a short time, and finally “” Confession Immortal” – helps gamers can temporarily avoid all attacks of the enemy.

Total War Three Kingdoms is still continuing in the process of completing the remaining generals and skills, closing the launch time on March 7, 2019. Now available on Steam, this is considered a unique game set in the Three Kingdoms period of the Total War game series, which is worth looking forward to. Attention gamers, keep an eye out!

Take a look at some pictures of the game:

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