Top strongest generals URF League of Legends 2020

Every time a Worlds tournament appears, the League of Legends URF game mode appears, although it is a fun game mode that costs nothing, most gamers choose for themselves strong generals. Let’s go with Taimienphi to find out which is the strongest champion URF 2020 League of Legends.

In URF 2020 League of Legends mode, each champion has the ability to reduce the maximum cooldown by 80% (both buffs and damage skills), which makes some champions too strong leading to Band ( prohibit). What special abilities do these strongest URF 2020 League champions have and why are they like this?

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Top strongest generals URF League of Legends 2020

List of champions URF 2020 League of Legends must choose when playing

1. Wukong
The name says it all, Wukong Wukong is a particularly dangerous general in the URF 2020 League of Legends mode, he uses stealth skills to escape from hiding to attack the opponent, making them unable to react. . Not to mention Wukong also has a skill that increases magic resistance based on the number of enemy champions around him, a counter skill that champions that deal magic damage are most afraid of.
Details of Wukong’s new skill set in League of Legends

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2. Fiora
In the 2nd place in the ranking of Top strongest generals URF 2020 League of Legends cannot fail to mention Fiora, she can continuously counter the opponent’s attacks with a sharp sword in her hand. With that overwhelming ability also to understand why Fiora is such a commonly banned champion.

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3. Fizz
It would be a mistake not to list Fizz as one of the Top strongest champions in URF 2020 League of Legends, this champion has the ability to dodge all types of damage with his E jumps (cooldown time is less than 2s). so Fizz is named the hardest champion to kill (almost immortal) in URF game mode.

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4. Hecarim
In the bonus version, the power of General Hecarim is very limited, but when he steps into URF, he becomes a completely different person, with a high mobility and control skill set, Hecarim only focuses on how to get the highest damage only.

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5. Yuumi
Not only is a strong support champion in the regular version, in URF Yuumi becomes a nightmare if it falls into the hands of those who know how to play, the champion owns a win rate of up to 64.94%. Yuumi’s healing ability goes without saying you can tell but she is also a very annoying poke tool with her Drifting Arrow skill.
Complete guide to general Yuumi in League of Legends

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Above are the Top strongest generals in the URF 2020 game mode of the League of Legends game that readers need to know if they want to sell onions to their opponents. What do you think, in your opinion who is the strongest and most annoying champion in this game mode.
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