Top robot games on computers, best phones

The best robot games stand out with images of powerful robots participating in epic battles or performing fantasy travel exploration missions to give players exciting experiences. If you are looking for the top robot games worth playing, the list below will be a great choice for you.

Players can control the robot’s actions in the game and can customize it to their own style, using various items or accessories at the start of the game. The robot element is used most in today’s popular game genres.

Top best robot games

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Top best robot games

1. War Robots

War Robots is a multiplayer action game with real-time 6vs6 team battles, destroy enemy robots, upgrade combat weapons to increase robot strength, speed and durability. your. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to win. War Robots There are more than 50 types of weapons including rockets, energy guns and plasma, many combinations.

=> Link Download War Robots for Android

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2. Pacific Rim Breach Wars

Born in a world of war, join the army, lead the defense army, command the base and fight against the giant monster intent on destroying the Earth, that’s all in Pacific Rim Breach Wars. Pacific Rim Breach Wars Features exciting challenging core gameplay, a variety of unique weapons that can be upgraded, and combine them into attack groups to battle against monsters.

=> Link Download Pacific Rim Breach Wars for Android

=> Link download Pacific Rim Breach Wars for iPhone

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3. Real Robot Ring Fighting

Real Robot Ring Fighting is a best robot fighting game on mobile where you can create dream battles with lots of brutal moves and fight for the championship. Real Robot Ring Fighting With a flexible combat mechanism completely like a real human, you will feel excited when participating in this game.

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=> Link Download Real Robot Ring Fighting for Android

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4. Ultimate Robot Fighting

Enter the awesome touch-based 3vs3 fighting arena with Ultimate Robot Fighting, a free card collecting game on Android and iOS. Ultimate Robot Fighting Features stunning 3D visual graphics, immersive sound, fill your power bar to unleash special powers and rip apart opponent robots, dominate in the battle arena.

=> Link Download Ultimate Robot Fighting for Android

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5. The Talos Principle

As if waking from a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. The Talos Principle has a fascinating story with challenging and increasingly complex puzzles, you will have to decide in difficult questions. The Talos Principle features touch and swipe controls, innovative and intuitive simulation available options that take you on a journey of discovery about humanity, technology, civilization.

=> Link download The Talos Principle

=> Link Download The Talos Principle for Android

=> Link Download The Talos Principle for iPhone

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Hopefully with the article Top best robot games above will bring you moments of fun and engaging entertainment. If Taimienphi missed out on any good robot games, let us know about it in the comments sections below.

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