Top gun mod to play Minecraft game worth downloading

Minecraft has an active modder community. They continuously create more and more add-ons for Minecraft to make the game “magic blocks” more interesting.

If you are tired of diamond swords or iron axes to defeat the enemy, please refer to Special gun mod for Minecraft down here.

Top gun mod to play Minecraft game worth downloading

Minecraft gun mod

PWn3d_1337’s Techguns is a mod that adds a variety of customizable guns for Minecraft.

From modern weapons to futuristic weapon options like laser and plasma shotguns, this modpack also adds new 3D models, ammunition, recoil & kills and reload effects.

Techguns is not just a gun mod. It also adds new NPCs (including enemies), unique crafting tables, interface changes, and even a few new blocks.

Portal gun mod

Not a traditional gun mod, it’s a Minecraft mod with a gun inside.

Mod Portal Gun turns Minecraft into one of the most popular games of Valve – Portal. It adds beams of light, turrets, and weighty squares to solve puzzles and increase the mood of your game. Most importantly, though, it adds the true Portal gun, a device that allows you to navigate interesting biotics never before.

The device is simple: it fires two ports of different colors. Jumping into a portal, you will appear elsewhere. You can also use Portal Gun to select solid blocks and mobs with the key G, like the gravity gun in Half-Life.

MrCrayfish's Mod Gun

MrCrayfish, a YouTuber with over a million followers created one of the coolest gun mods ever seen in Minecraft.

Instead of adding a bunch of different guns, MrCrayfish just adds some quality weapons. They’re modular, in fact, which means you can add various attachments to them to create loads of new guns.

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Minecraft Combat + gun mod

Mod Combat + is a completely different gun mod. Instead of bullets, it shoots spaghetti against the wall, making the Minecraft arsenal more interesting.

Combat + added syringes, spears, glass swords, bombs, stun grenades, TNT throwers, even radioactive cacti. Best of all, Combat + also offers flamethrowers – a weapon many people desire when playing the game.

Mod Crackshot

CrackShot is a Minecraft Bukkit server plug-in, giving you an arsenal of guns and weapons to choose from in a multiplayer world.

For a plug-in that doesn’t require mods, you’ll find these guns great. While it takes a resource pack to craft them into real guns, they’re all useful and easy to customize. This mod also integrates stores, meaning you can set up gun stores on the server and steal them with guns.

Note, you cannot use this mod while playing solo.

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