TOP best XM8 skin in Free Fire

XM8 is one of the most popular assault gun (AR) options in the game Free Fire. Here are 5 The best skin for you to equip the Garena Free Fire AR XM8 gun.

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The XM8 gun always on the list of Free Fire weapons loved for its stability and above average across all categories. The best part about this gun is that it comes equipped with a 2x Scope sight. You can use it right away without having to find any attachments. However, thanks 5 Free Fire gun skin Below you can take the power of the XM8 to new heights.

TOP best XM8 skin in Free Fire

5. XM8 Lively Beast

Gun skin FF XM8

Gun skin Free Fire XM8 This will speed up the shooting, making it easier to hit the head. The magazine is nothing special. Lively Beast XM8 is decorated with 3 neon colors to create a gun skin design that looks like a pretty “cool” spray paint.

4. XM8 Fiery Pumpkin

Gun Skin Free Fire XM8 Fiery Pumpkin

Increased rate of fire and accuracy is the best advantage of this skin. Thanks to Fiery Pumpkin XM8, aiming to hit the head will be much more effective. Without limited ammo, this XM8 gun skin might be the strongest option on this list.

3. XM8 Sinister Pumpkin

Gun Skin Free Fire XM8 Sinister Pumpkin

With its speed advantage, the XM8 gun can now fire through enemy armor. This is one of the most effective damage buffs in the Free Fire game. In addition, the Sinister Pumpkin skin for the XM8 also increases the gun range.

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2. XM8 Toxic Pumpkin

Gun skin FF XM8 Toxic Pumpkin

Overall, this is the most powerful version of this weapon. It overcomes the weakness of the XM8’s low-range, and at the same time, the faster rate of fire also helps a lot in aiming to hit the head.

1. Abyssal XM8

Gun skin FF XM8 Abyssal

The best XM8 gun skin of the game Garena Free Fire. It’s number 1 for its visual design and great power. Increasing damage by 2 times and increasing the range by a bit is enough to make the XM8 perfect. This skin also comes with a dedicated armor layer and beautiful blue energy light, the shark sticker on the body also moves up and down naturally.

The above is top gun skin Free Fire XM8 worth collecting. What do you think about Free Fire gun skin this? Do not hesitate to share with

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