Top best stealing games

Top best thief catcher games will put you in the role of heroes chasing dangerous criminals. Each game requires a different skill such as running, jumping, driving or handling police operations. Let’s find out the top thief games below and try to play the role of justice defenders.

The topic of catching thieves is always one of the HOT genres, so the following article will bring players the best robbery games today on mobile.

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5 games that can be played by many people

Top best thief and robber games on Mobile

1. Street Chasers

Street Chaser is an adventure game combined with simple and fun endless running gameplay. In the game Street Chase, the player controls a character chasing a band of robbers, using items picked up on the road to stop them, while also having to avoid the danger in front of them. The game has beautiful graphics with many tasks for you to have different goals to achieve, increasing the enjoyment of the game.

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2. Crashy Cops

Crashy Cops gives players extremely tense and breathtaking chases, players control a police car on a mission to chase and defeat the most dangerous robbers, making the city beautiful. better, game Crashy Cops gives players many different challenging levels that promise to be an interesting and exciting experience.

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=> Link Download Crashy Cops for Android

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3. High Speed ​​Police Chase

Just like Crashy Cops, in High Speed ​​Police Chase The player plays a police character who chases criminals by car with fast and dangerous speed. The chase is taking place in the city and you need to avoid other vehicles on the road, and most importantly, do not let them escape.

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4. Blocky Cops

Blocky Cops has very lovely and novel Minecraft-like graphics, you will play as a police officer who is responsible for maintaining street security, catching thieves and robbers every day. Blocky CopsBesides, you also have to be careful, avoid the people, who are walking on the road, because if you crash into them, your chances of catching the thieves will be lower.

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=> Link Download Blocky Cops for Android

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5. Granny Smith

Granny Smith has a fun and engaging gameplay in chasing down thieves who steal apples, Granny Smith There are eye-catching graphics and unique effects in the chase from the farm to the city to reclaim the apples.

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=> Link Download Granny Smith for Android

=> Link Download Granny Smith for iPhone

The game capture robbers always have quite similar gameplay, you have to perform the task of catching robbers and helping the city become more beautiful in the eyes of the people. Hope the above article will help you in choosing the game to play.

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