Top best online shooting fish game

In the past few years, online fish shooting games have become increasingly popular on smartphones. These games have in common are beautiful graphics and simple, addictive gameplay. In this article, will introduce to you the 5 best online fish shooting games with the largest number of players today.

Shoot fish online is a game that attracts both adults and children thanks to its simple gameplay. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to play fish shooting game quickly.

Top best online banca games

Summary of the best online fish shooting games

Top best online shooting fish game

1. Shooting Fish Dragon King Online – Fish shooting machine on the phone

Fishing Dragon King Online is a familiar name for those who like to play fish shooting games online. The plus point of this game is that it has a beautiful, vivid graphics background. Players will be extremely impressed with the eye-catching fish, all shapes and sizes in the game.

Unlike other online shooting games, Dragon Vuong Online also adds some mythical characters such as Ton Ngo Khong, Dragon, Mermaid, …, to create a very unique attraction for the game. shoot fish this online.

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On the other hand, Shooting Dragon Vuong Online supports both Android and iOS platforms and offers many different game modes for players to choose from. Players can choose to play with others or play with friends over a network connection. The more often you play, the more coins the player gets. These coins are used to upgrade guns to help players shoot fish faster and gain an advantage over other players.

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=> Download link Shoot Fish Dragon King Online for Android here.
=> Download link Shoot Fish Dragon King Online for iPhone here.

2. iCa – Online fish shooting game with many features

iCas is an online fish shooting game that almost perfectly simulates the experience of playing fish shooting games at amusement parks. The game has a very simple gameplay, players only need to touch and rub the screen to control the fish gun.

In a certain amount of time, the player and 3 other people have to catch as many fish as possible. iCá has nearly 20 different types of fish along with 4 mermaids. Each type of fish and mermaids has a special appearance for players to easily identify in a colorful aquarium. Depending on the type of fish you need to use different guns. However, the bigger the gun, the more ammo it takes, so you need to know how to fire at the right time.

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In addition to the normal game mode, the online fish shooting game iCa also has a challenge mode. This mode has a high difficulty when the player has to face other high-class shooters. In addition, players also have to spend a large amount of money when participating in iCa’s Challenge mode. If you win, the player will earn double and also be honored in the ranking of the best shooter.

=> Download link iCas for Android here.
=> Download link iFish for iPhone here.

3. Shoot fish h5

Fish shooting game online, Shoot fish h5, promises to bring players great relaxing moments. The fish in the game are designed in detailed and meticulous 3D. The sound of the game is also very realistic with each sound of waves and splashes of water. Gamers will feel like they are lost in the real ocean when playing the game Shoot fish h5.

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Shooting fish h5 is also one of the few online fish shooting games with a direct reward mechanism. Gamers can exchange bonuses quickly through recharge cards, e-wallets, bank transfers. Fish shooting game h5 has game modes from village pond, stream river to open sea. Gamers can choose arbitrary game modes based on their level as well as their capital.

=> Download link Shoot fish h5 here.

4. Shoot Fatty Fish

As the name suggests, the game Fat Fish Shoot Put the player in the role of a fisherman with the task of catching a lot of big fish in exchange for bonuses. Players must use cannons to catch fish swimming around in the tank.

Later levels will have the appearance of larger, stronger fish that cannons usually can’t catch. At this point, players need to use bonuses to upgrade cannons stronger and use skills to capture them.

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When playing Fat Fish Shoot, gamers will not worry about lack of money to participate in the game rooms. This online fish shooting game regularly launches money-giving programs, daily login gifts. Players also receive rewards when leveling up, when joining the game room or when catching super rare fish.

=> Download link Fat Fish Shoot here.

5. Fishing Vip Club

In Fishing Vip Club, players will be given super-quality guns to catch extremely strange fishes in the vast ocean. This online fish shooting game possesses beautiful graphics, vivid sound that will make your hunt more interesting than ever. With more than 50 different types of fish and sea creatures, players will never get bored when playing Vip Club Fishing.

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Top best online banca games 6

Vip Club is lightweight and works on both Android and iOS. Both versions are free to download. In addition to the normal game mode, gamers can try out in-game events with huge rewards up to tens of millions of dong.

=> Download link Fishing Vip Club here.
Fish shooting game online is a gentle game genre, without violence elements that you can play anywhere. Hope this article has helped you find the best online fish shooting game for your interests. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment when playing fish shooting game!

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