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Free Fire provides a number of skins and packs for players to create a more beautiful and impressive character. You have a lot How to own skins, skin packs in Free Fire Like participating in events, Luck Royale, buying in store …

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In the Free Fire game store, you can buy a diamond equipment pack or magic cube – Magic Cube. A Magic Cube can exchange 1 pack in the respective store. All packages in the Magic Cube store are great and are exclusive products. Therefore, it is difficult to choose. If you feel the same way, let’s explore Top 5 best Magic Cube packs in Free Fire 2021 Please!

1. Age of Gold

Free Fire's Magic Cube pack

Age of Gold is the classic in-store Magic Cube pack for male characters. This package includes a black suit with a gold-plated jacket and pants. In addition, Free Fire also has a similar Era of Gold pack for female characters.

Free Fire Bundle Age of Gold includes 5 parts: head, upper body, lower body, mask and shoes.

2. Arcane Seeker

Arcane Seeker

Arcane Seeker for girls package, will turn your character into a Japanese samurai with a very impressive appearance. Free Fire also has a male version of this pack, called Mystic Seeker.

Bundle Arcane Seeker consists of 4 parts: head, upper body, lower body and shoes.

3. Duchess Swallowtail

Free Fire's Duchess Swallowtail

The Duchess Swallowtail pack is some of the best outfits ever seen in the Free Fire store. It is a pack for the female character. This Bundle Magic Cube will transform you into a fairy in purple outfits. The design of this package is gorgeous, even has a dazzling light effect as if there are fireflies flying around.

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Duchess Swallowtail costume includes 4 parts: Head, upper body, lower body and shoes.

4. LC Commander

LC Commander by Free Fire

LC Commander pack for male characters in Free Fire. This bundle will turn you into a future commander with an outfit, a captain’s hat, a pair of black glasses. You can purchase this pack with 1 Magic Cube in the store. It also has a female version, titled LC Colonel.

LC Commander package includes 5 parts: head, shoes, mask, upper body and lower body.

4. Nian Beast

Free Fire's Nian Beast

The Nian Beast package is inspired by Chinese culture. You will wear a crimson warrior armor, masked by a mythical creature from Chinese mythology. The female version of this pack is called Lion Heart but it won’t have a nice mask like Nian Beast.

Nian Beast consists of 5 parts: head, mask, shoes, upper body, lower body.

How to have a Magic Cube in Free Fire

How to have magic square in Free Fire

The Magic Cube is a rare item because it is highly valuable in Free Fire. You only have a few ways to own the Magic Cube when you play Garena Free Fire.

  • Diamond Royale: In addition to the grand prize, you can also get Magic Cube or parts of Magic Cube from Diamond Royale. You must use 60 diamonds to rotate Diamond Royale once.
  • Event: Although it is rare for Garena to provide the Magic Cube during events, it does appear from time to time. Specifically, the latest one recently was at the 2020 Diwali festival.
  • Elite Pass: Each Elite Pass in Free Fire includes 10 Magic Cube shards as a reward. You can get Magic Cube by collecting 200 pieces of this magic cube.
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Above are the top skin packs in Free Fire equipment that can be exchanged for Magic Cube. If you know any other Magic Cube packages, please share with!

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