TOP best loot locations in Minecraft

Where is the best loot loot in Minecraft? If you are planning to start an adventure in Minecraft Then go to the following 5 locations to find the best loot!

The best Minecraft loot locations

Development team Minecraft usually adding at least one new building to the explorer in every major update. After the patch Minecraft 1.16, you can now find more than 20 unique structures and structures in the world of “magic square” Minecraft. Now, Minecraft players can interact with those buildings in many ways. They can explore, destroy or loot rare items there.

However, not every location has many good quality loot items. Sometimes, everything you get may be just a few very small items of little value. That’s because the Minecraft game system randomly generates loot items to ensure that players always receive different items. This article will summarize for you the top best loot locations in Minecraft.

The best loot location in Minecraft

# 5 – Shipwreck – Shipwreck

Shipwreck in Minecraft

Shipwreck is relatively new in the Minecraft game. You can find them underwater or on the coast in the form of a ship that has been partially or completely sunk.

The inventory inside the shipwreck usually contains TNT, gold, iron, gunpowder … If you are lucky, you will find a treasure map leading to another loot location.

# 4 – Nether Fortresses – Nether Fort

Hell fortress in Minecraft

Nether Fortresses are extremely large structures that appear only in the Nether. They are mazes of large streets intersecting with crates and mobs.

The boxes here are usually of a higher quality than other locations. The precious equipment such as gold bars, diamonds, and diamond armor for horses are available.

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Nether hell fortress is where Minecraft players must go if they want to conquer the game. You need to increase Blaze Powder by killing Blaze – special mobs are only available here. After they are killed, they will leave Ender’s Eye Item at the terminal.

# 3 – Strongholds – Stronghold

Stronghold in Minecraft

Stonghold is another great Minecraft loot location. The underground structures are full of treasures and monsters. They also contain End Portals that allow the player to travel to the End Dimension.

In Stronghold, look for the Altar enchantment table. They appear randomly and often contain iron equipment, sometimes magic books or diamonds.

# 2 – Mineshaft – Wells

Mine well in Minecraft

Whenever passing Mineshaft in Minecraft, don’t be afraid to visit it. In addition to the ore and coal that you can mine, there are also plenty of chests around. They contain all sorts of useful items from diamonds and gold to magic apples of gold.

# 1 – Treasure chest – Treasure chest

Treasure chest in Minecraft

If you find a treasure map in the shipwreck, you may know the way to the location where Treasure chest is located. Copies must be marked x on that Minecraft map and look around. To see the exact location of the treasure chest, hold the map with both hands.

Inside Minecraft’s treasure chest, players will see gold and iron bars. Diamonds also have a 50% chance of appearing here. Finding treasure chest is also the only way for you to have the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft up to the present time.

The above is top best loot map positions in Minecraft. Hope the article is useful to you.

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