Top best horror game for Halloween season

Halloween has always been an endless source of inspiration for authors writing horror stories, making ghost movies or creepy games. The titles horror game increasingly diverse, appearing on both mobile devices to computers.

With creepy sounds, gore and death scenes that make players goosebumps just think. But on Halloween, these horror games are indispensable. Of course these games are not for the faint of heart.

TOP game Halloween horror

1. Infliction

Infliction takes players on a creepy adventure in a mysterious, scary house. With the task of finding and reading old letters and articles, listening to voicemail, stringing clues to learn about a separated family, terrible events.

Infliction is not for the faint of heart
Infliction is not for the faint of heart

Infliction brings players through each turn of emotions such as disappointment, loss of trust, loss, fear, horror … The deeper you go into the house, the more you feel scared, confused by the rife. dangers.


2. Chicken Invaders 5 – Halloween Edition

Chicken shoot game Halloween version gives players extremely fun entertainment moments when destroying sly chicken ghosts. The player’s task is to destroy as many chickens as possible, eat lots of chicken thighs to earn rockets. Try to stay away from eggs, to save your life.

Destroy the chicken ghosts to bring light to the earth
Destroy the chicken ghosts to bring light to the earth

The way the chickens appear is also extremely unique, bearing the Halloween style, sometimes from a spooky ring, sometimes in a scary house. All of these create an attraction that is not mild for Halloween 2020 season!

Chicken Invaders 5 – Halloween Edition

3. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a horror role-playing game with the theme of alien creatures. With the creepy atmosphere, deadly dangerous and the chilly sound, promises to bring a sense of horror in Halloween 2020.

Alien: Isolation

Join the game, you will play as Amanda to explore the space station and run away from the hunt of ruthless alien creatures. With so many dangerous situations, it is imperative to pick up items to survive, make weapons to resist when necessary.

4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard belongs to the genre of survival horror game, with an extremely realistic first-person view, kDonate players feel extremely heart attack and thrill. More enjoyable when playing with VR glasses, you will have a new experience never before seen.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In particular, the sound in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is also extremely creepy. As you move around the hallway, a simple noise like bottles falling to the floor, the door slamming above the floor, or the sound of water leaks can cool your spine.

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5. Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages is an extremely attractive horror game, with the goal of finding 8 pieces of paper about Slender Man – A mysterious creature. When dealing with this mysterious creature, you must be careful not to look at the enemy for too long.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Also, the more you run, the more power will decrease, so only run when needed. With a very scary haunted atmosphere, you will have to find 8 pieces of paper in a dark forest, the only light is a flashlight. So, need to be brave to be able to escape that scary forest and complete your goal!

6. Penumbra


A multi-part game from Frictional Games. Penumbra is a game labeled “horror expert” not only in the name, but also the best and most successful product in the past few years. The plot tells about the guy Phillip – the main character in the game. After receiving the letter of the missing father, was curious and decided not to obey the instructions, returned to the devilish land – Greenland to discover the mystery in the father’s letter. And of course, curiosity is never good, Phillip will have to give his life for safety and freedom!

Horror game Penumbra

Highly appreciated for its content, as closely as a movie, Penumbra is the game that cannot be ignored and is the most successful not only in simulating gameplay with the first angle, but from real sound. to creepy, the images create a feeling of coldness, gloom, or visual effects, light … All, have created a game that combines extreme adventure and horror character of Halloween.

7. Friday the 13th 3D

Friday the 13th 3D

If you are interested in watching ghost movies, horror movies, you have certainly known and even watched “Friday the 13th – Friday the 13th”. The series is mainly about a mysterious man named Jason Voorhees, who always wears a white mask, and goes around, “kills” anyone, anytime, for no reason … New Here, this cold-blooded killer has just officially hit the game again (first around 1985), with completely new changes, Friday the 13th promises to be an impressive and rewarding game. rich experiences.

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Players can choose their characters for the first time:

  • One of Jason’s seven victims.
  • Cold-blooded killer.

Friday the 13th

Choosing which character will have a quest, escape, or destroy, “hunt, or be hunted” – that’s what players entering Friday the 13th need to do.

8. Outlast


Recently, a Canadian game company has just released a short gameplay that makes viewers feel quite chills and shiver. It’s part of Outlast – Red Barrels’ latest horror adventure game. The story is about the reporter Miles Upshur infiltrating a relief center to reveal the oddities in it. But the problem is, players will control their characters with bare hands, meaning absolutely no weapons to defend against terrible guys in the game.

Game Outlast

There are reviews that Outlast is a run and hide game, the only thing players have is darkness, creepy sounds and handheld camera. However, it is the creeping light from this device that contributes to the scary images in the game.

A member of the Outlast development team said that they want this game to make any player “drop their pants”, and indeed that claim is completely valid when up to 80% of the game is dark, The sudden appearance of the monstrosities in the game, the sound of chains pulling up on the floor, even the character’s breathing makes the player unable to calm down.

9. BiteFight


Referring to makeup and demons, horror, it is impossible not to mention two extremely famous characters, namely Vampire and Werewolf – two names, two thousand-year themes of countless games, stories, movie … These are two names, two polar opposites like water – fire, day – night, so when you join BiteFight, you will become the decisive factor, become the judge of the World. tacit belong to which side?


Which character incarnation you have chosen to join that side, with some horror games that require high configuration machines, BiteFight is a completely different experience. No installation required, just log in to the homepage and play online, go attack, earn points to upgrade your power! The gameplay is simple, but the theme is quite attractive to players, and if you do not want to go out this Halloween night, you can choose, Vampires (Vampire) or Wolverines (Werewolves) with BiteFight.

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10. Splatterhouse 3D

Splatterhouse 3D

This is Namco Bandai’s horror game, the game that will take players into a spiral of brutal, bloody killing, derived from the character they control. The game content is quite simple, players will play the role of “the hero to save the beauty”. Specifically, Rick – our main character will use a spooky mask (when put on it will turn into a man with tremendous strength) to save his girlfriend Jennifer.


Not too unique in terms of content, but Splatterhouse has quite a lot of gore and violence, Rick’s attacks also change over time, so players will find it less boring.

11. Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is a Halloween horror game that you should not miss because the gradual disintegration of the town you are exploring is a fresh entertainment option, instead of just falling into a scary and repetitive situation. act of killing again. Pathologic 2 is not only scary but also very strange, sometimes it actually makes you disgusting.

Halloween horror game

If you are willing to face such situations, and want to find a new content in the horror game genre, Pathologic 2 is the choice that is never wrong.

12. Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

The Lone Survivor is not for the faint of heart. Jasper Byrne has made a name for himself when he turned the movie Silent Hill into an impressive 2D game. You can feel the film’s influence throughout your journey of discovery. Monsters climb up low-lit, ever-changing corridors around you, and you can never fully believe that the masked character is a good person. Can you reach the end of the Lone Survivor’s journey? It all depends on your mental strength, logical thinking and agile responses.

If you want to find the feeling “cold”, “shiver”, “startled”, this is the answer, however, also advise you to consider, because these are super horror games. Don’t play on Halloween night or play in the dark, alone … if you don’t want to lose sleep!

I wish you a happy Halloween!

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