TOP best healer in Genshin Impact

Every team plays in Genshin Impact All need a Healer – The healer to heal the whole team. The article will synthesize for you characters with the best heal when playing Genshin Impact.

TOP best healer in Genshin Impact


Jean from Genshin Impact

Not only is she an excellent Healer, Jean also has the tremendous offensive power that comes with this ability. Jean will be a Healer to make your team even stronger.

This is all the more obvious when Jean uses his Dandelion Breeze ability, sacrificing his attack power to revive the entire team and amino damage at the same time. Jean can also stack the Dandelion area on a single player and deal damage to everyone who approaches the team.

Jean’s passive ability, Wind Companion, will use his high attack ability to heal members of the team, while dealing 15% damage to enemies. As long as there is provision, Jean is always great in every position and promotes the growth of the team.


Qiqi from Genshin Impact

Qiqi is a “bomb” waiting to explode. She can heal but only in large scale attacks. The long healing time is a weakness of this character.

On the other hand, Qiqi must be equipped with offensive weapons to get the best effect, even with the highest healing. However, Qiqi’s Ice-type damage ability can make the opponent sluggish. If you know a harmonious combination, Qiqi can both help the team heal and damage the enemy.


Barbara from Genshin Impact

Unlike the other Healer characters in Genshin Impact, Barbara’s healing powers are based on her health points. The more points, the better Barbara pushed it on the team members. She is the most effective healer in Genshin Impact without having to focus on attack stats.

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Instead of using a single attack to heal allies, Barbara needs consistency. Barbara’s normal attacks with Let The Show Begin will restore her health based on her Health. Barbara can also regenerate when she reaches maximum constellation. This rare ability can completely change the course of the game.


Noelle from Genshin Impact

Noelle is one of the most stable healing characters in the game Genshin Impact. Combined with defense, Noelle’s healing is second only to damage blocking in the first place.


Diona from Genshin Impact

The great healer for the Genshin Impact team in the end can’t miss Diona. All Maiden relics will increase Diona’s healing ability.

Signature Mix is ​​the attack area affected. Diona heals allies within this range, and deals Ice-type damage to enemies.

Above are some team healers are rated best when playing Genshin Impact. If there is any other option, please share with readers!

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