Top 8 strongest Wild Rift generals

Just a few days after its release, Wild Rift Alliance topped the download charts on Google Play and App Store respectively. Like League of Legends, Wild Rift Alliance also has many champions with extremely strong special abilities, the following article Taimienphi gives you 8 strongest Wild Rift generals.

In the matches Wild Rift Alliance Stressful, strong generals will help you have a high chance of winning the game, defeating all opponents even in the early or late stages, ensuring a smooth promotion process. Let’s take a look at Taimienphi’s 8 special, super strong League of Legends generals.

Top 8 alliances of the best alliances

The strongest Wild Rift champions in the current meta meta

Top 8 strong Wild Rift generals specializing in rank climbing

1. Jax
As a really strong champion in Top Lane, Jax continues to receive developer bias and the qualities a warrior needs. Looking through the list of top laners, there is no champion as perfect as Jax with a great solo ability.

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Top 8 alliances of the best alliances 2

Moreover, when being ganked by the enemy jungle, the narrow terrain of the map in Wild Rift Alliance helps Jax escape super easily with just one Q. In the later stage, Jax can maximize his power. yourself with the AoE Counter-Strike ability or become a tanker with Grandmaster’s Mind. With all of the above mentioned, Jax is one of the top 8 strongest Wild Rift champions.

2. Darius
A big opponent for Jax in Top Lane, the one we’re used to in Summoner’s Rift – Darius. For a long time, this general has been a demon in Top Lane with many bright details in the combat phase. In League of Wild Rift, Darius has the ability to stack huge damage, clear the way very quickly that not many Champions can do.

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Top 8 alliances of the best alliances 3

Darius is also suitable for fast combat like in Wild Rift, but he can still be countered by some tank champions. So if you have a tough champion, just focus on farming or switching positions with your jungler.

3. Evelynn
As for the jungle role, we will see a less common name in Summoner’s Rift – Evelynn, she is one of the hot-picks in Wild Rift League for the Jungle position. This fearsome assassin girl can stack damage extremely quickly and escape peacefully as if nothing has happened to her skill set. Therefore, Evelynn is being picked a lot in every match, if you don’t have a chance to pick her then you should learn how to counter Evelynn.

Top 8 alliances of the best alliances 4

4. Camille
The next jungler in the list of 8 strongest Wild Rift champions that Taimienphi introduced is Camille, she is a really strong champion with the ability to close and finish the target in a flash. In addition, she does not have as much damage as other assassins but Camille can adapt well to any match.

Top 8 alliances to join the best 5

Regardless of whether the enemy is AP or AD, Camille can deal with them with her Passive. She can also deal tons of real damage so she can become a terror to the Tankers. Also, her Crowd Control skill can help her reach an opponent’s Carry even when they are standing side by side. This was Camille’s bright spot that Evelynn could not compare.

5. Orianna
There’s been a lot of discussion about whether Yasuo is still “God” in Mid. However, while not as flexible as Yasuo, Orianna seems to be a stronger champion in Mid with many effective skills in teamfights. She can clear lanes very well, confusing enemies.

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Top 8 alliances to join the best team 6

Moreover, the super-intelligent Wild Rift Alliance AI can help Orianna use skills accurately. Because of all of the above, Orianna is truly one of the strongest champions.

6. Malphite
Besides Orianna, Malphite is also a strong champion in Wild Rift League combat, his Ultimate is super strong in all situations. Whenever his Ultimate is restored or used, Malphite is extremely dangerous and can finish off his target in just a few Q. Due to his easy playstyle and thick armor, it’s really hard to kill Malphite and he is a potential champion, worthy of being among the 8 strongest Wild Rift champions.

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The Malphite alliance is the best alliance

7. Blitzcrank
In Wild Rift League, there is no counterattack of Leona and Alistar, and the correct execution of the Combo makes Blitzcrank the strongest support champion today. Moreover, this steam machine can also neutralize many enemy attacks when having a rather hard armor. He is truly one of the strongest champions in the upcoming meta.

Blitzcrank is the best alliance in the world

8. Ezreal
There is no doubt for this Wild Rift champion, with the help of the game’s Aiming Assistant, Ezreal can use skills accurately, he can deal extremely fast damage, making targets evaporate immediately.

Ezreal's alliance is the strongest

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Above is a list of the 8 strongest Wild Rift League generals to date, each with a different playing style and strategy from person to person. If readers have any suggestions, please comment in the comments section below for Taimienphi to update and make them more perfect.

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