Top 8 most dangerous Garena Free Fire female characters

The male characters in Garena Free Fire are very prominent and the female characters are equally attractive. The cast of female characters in Free Fire is also the favorite choice of players because of their shimmering appearance and extreme skills. And here are the top 8 most dangerous female characters in Free Fire.

Choosing the right character is very important to prepare before any Free Fire fight and careful preparation will increase your chances of getting Booyah your. Free Fire has a rich character system, including both male and female characters for players to choose from.

8 most beautiful and dangerous characters in free fire

Some players prefer characters of certain genders and if you want to choose one of all the female characters in Free Fire, then you will definitely choose someone who is both beautiful and strong. Free Fire’s best female characters are people who are both beautiful, useful and dangerous. Here is a list of 8 Free Fire female characters who not only kill you with their beauty but with their weapons.

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Top 8 female characters who are both beautiful and dangerous in Free Fire

1. Kelly “the Swift”

Top 8 most dangerous vat nu garena free fire

The first female character of Free Fire, who is quite strong in this game is definitely Kelly, possessing useful and cool skills to help you win. Any enemy that receives her first attack will surely take a lot of pain thanks to the Deadly Velocity skill.

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Even without a special skill after Kelly’s Awakening, her first skill is very powerful. Kelly’s extra speed is always useful for chasing enemies or hiding from the battlefield. And of course, Kelly is one of the loveliest and most beautiful characters in the game.

2. Kapella

8 characters are compared to each other in free fire

Next up is Kapella, one of Free Fire’s most charming characters. Although her skills are not in the damage category, she is still very dangerous with the ability to heal her teammates. This makes Kelly an indispensable member of the team.

When Kapella heals herself with items like the Medic Kit or the Treatment Gun, she gains a significant amount of additional HP. Characters with healing abilities can also receive bonuses from Kapella’s Healing Song.

3. Caroline

Top 8 hottest women in garena free fire

In this list, the most beautiful goddess in Fire Free is Caroline, still a student in school and an artist. She pursues every activity and her looks fool them all. Caroline is not an innocent, innocent girl as she seems. Caroline was a proficient shotgun user, which wasn’t meant for simple high school girls.

Although she doesn’t deal extra damage, she can run very fast when using shotgun. This ability allows Caroline to quickly approach the target and this makes her quite dangerous as she can move quickly and use shotgun at close range.

4. Evelyn/Clue

Miss the vat nu in free fire

Evelyn is a new character introduced not too long ago, who was originally named Clu and later changed to Evelyn. This talented detective can detect any nearby enemies as long as they are not in a crouched or prone position. You can easily see that Evelyn is one of the most beautiful female characters in Free Fire and her skills are also quite dangerous.

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5. Paloma

top 8 most dangerous vat of garena free fire used by many users

Free Fire multiplayer is adept at using any assault rifle. The damage done by the assault rifle is excellent and it can be used effectively in melee or ranged combat.

This makes Paloma the strongest Free Fire female character because she possesses skills related to assault rifles. Paloma’s skill lets you store lots of AR ammo without taking up any space, as long as you max out her skill level. This helps a lot in managing other items without having to worry about how much ammo the AR can carry.

6. Laura

top 8 vat nu vat nu garena free fire has the best hot pot

The list of the most dangerous Garena Free Fire female characters cannot be complete without Laura, who possesses top-notch accuracy when she has a gun equipped with a scope. Laura’s accuracy increases with a scope that turns her into an angel of death. Equip Laura with powerful sniper rifles like the AWM and M82B, and you’re ready to claim victory.

7. Nikita

8 women with skills and abilities are competing against each other in free fire

This character is a professional bodyguard who takes care of VIPs. Nikita uses SMG weapons extremely proficiently. That is shown in the loading of SMG weapons. Contrary to Bayonetta’s appearance, you probably won’t want Nikita to get close to the submachine guns because the match could end very soon.

8. Shani

top 8 most dangerous vat of garena free fire used by many users

Last but not least beautiful and dangerous is Shani. Her skill is armor repair, so after the fight you don’t need to waste time searching for replacement armor. Just stay where you are and kill the enemy, you can start to get points bordering Shani. Repairing and playing with scrap metal is Shani’s passion for creating all sorts of new improvements and gadgets. Thanks to her ingenuity and creativity, she understands the workings of machines, tools, weapons and equipment better than anyone. In short, Shani is someone who can always take an object and turn it into something amazing.

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Each character on the list possesses great skills, especially they are very beautiful. Who is the goddess who possesses dangerous power in your eyes? In addition, you can refer to more articles about Top Free Fire strongest character to choose for yourself the most suitable character!

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