Top 7 lineups of Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8, Arena of Truth 12.23

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 is closer to gamers than ever. Therefore, in order to get used to and avoid being ”out meta” when participating in the Arena of Truth, players need to learn about the races/systems and generals that will appear in this season. Let’s join right away with the Top 7 Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 lineups that can help you enter the top easily in the article below.

Truth Arena is a strategy game that requires flexibility as well as top-notch tactical thinking to win. In season 8, players who determine the final lineup early are more likely to make it to the top.

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Top 7 strongest squads in Teamfight Tactics – TFT to climb the rank in season 8

1. Legendary lineup 5 money back

For a long time, 5-money generals are no longer favored by many TFT gamers. However, at Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8, these generals have gained the right strength for their position. With this Legendary lineup, Leona or Aphelios will be the main carry champions. Players can also buy other 5-money champions such as Urgot, Fiddlesticks, Nunu, and Mordekaiser to support.

The key point of this squad is the strength of the Guardian system in the late game with the ability to increase magic resistance for the whole team. Players need to equip Aphelios with physical damage items, while Leona will need defensive equipment with a tendency to magical power.

In addition, Urgot is a quite versatile secondary carry, able to hold and use AD or AP items. Morello or Lightning Crossbow would be great for Fiddlesticks and players can choose to use Nunu instead of Fiddlesticks with similar equipment. Mordekaiser is also a good choice with 2 AP items combined with Shadow Cloak or Hand of Justice.

2. Bel’Veth Gladiator lineup

Gladiators are always extremely strong frontline tankers at every stage of the match in Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8. So players can easily hit the winning streak with the Bel’Veth Gladiator squad and start rolling to find them. earn 3-star Bel’Veth after reaching level 7 on the 3rd market round.

This squad can be rotated flexibly by using Ashe as an AD carry champion at the beginning of the game without getting 3 stars. In addition, any AP item can be used with Aurelion Sol in the backline or Mordekaiser as an alternate carry in the frontline.

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3. Reroll Ashe lineup

Ashe is a pretty strong carry when he gets 3 stars with physical damage equipment. However, the weakness of this squad is that players can compete for Ashe and not get 3-star Ashe. To ensure strength, both Renekton and Ashe need to reach 3 stars, while Ekko and Sejuani are solid Gladiators in the late game to add stamina.

4. Draken Reroll lineup

Robot Tribe returned in Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 as Mecha: PRIME. Possessing 2 strong tier 1 generals, Draven and Wukong, plus a tanker machine in the frontline, the Mecha: PRIME lineup is “storming” on the test server.

To build a Draven Reroll squad, players need to prioritize finding Draven 3 stars early to be able to have a winning streak at the beginning of the match. Riven and Leesin are also good fighters for tankers, combined with Malphite and Gangplank to activate the Superman system.

The ideal equipment set for Draven is Blood Sword, Infinity Sword plus Death Reminder or Giant Slayer. However, to get the right item, players need a lot of “dignity” as well as luck.

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5. Zed Hacker

Zed is a Hacker general with outstanding damage, able to attack carry champions in the back row of the opponent. LeBlanc and Zoe will have a activating role, so players should not equip these two champions.

In order for Zed to be able to deal damage in the backline, the frontline needs to have a strong tanker with the Gladiators. Players also need to own 1 Duel general on the chessboard and 2 Super Tech generals to activate Zed’s system. At the end of the game, the player needs a Danger carry or 5-gold champion that fits the squad.

6. Taliyah Star Guardian

Star Guardian is a squad with a very high rate of getting into the top. Despite having a slow start, it was very strong towards the end of the game. Players need to build decks with strong tanks to keep their health early and use Star Guardian units like Nilah, Ekko, and Rell in the late game.

Taliyah is a champion that deals main damage to the Star Guardian squad. Magical items and Shojin Spear would be a great fit for Taliyah, allowing her to unleash more skills. Syndra is also a solid secondary carry in the late game with Shojin Spear with the ability to pull Danger champions onto the player’s queue.

7. Ezreal Reroll

Ezreal is an option to keep good AP items in the early game. Players can use Ezreal with a squad of Paranormal Agents to get valuable rewards. Besides, running Super Beast with Ezreal as the main AP damage is also a safe choice.

If someone contests Ezreal, gamers can always choose to swing to Jinx as the main damage. With Jinx carry, players need to build a squad around races/types like Super Beasts, Gladiators and Guardians. Tactics – TFT-mua-8-73713n.aspx
Thus, introduced to gamers Top 7 lineup of Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 the strongest, helping players have the direction to build a squad early as well as easily get into a high position. If you want to capture the details of the champions in this latest season and the equipment of the generals, then come immediately to Top generals AP Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 with Top generals AD Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 8 to choose the most powerful and worth buying generals. Good luck with your climbing.

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