Top 5 secret locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Not just shooting and building. That is what all players do Fortnite all know. Fortnite is full of “Easter Eggs” and other secrets, with new “Easter Eggs” added on a regular basis. Want to explore these secret locations but too busy dodging bullets to find them? The list below will help you find the 5 most secret regions on the map Fortnite easily.

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5. Evil Lair

Devil's lair in Fortnite

Cleverly disguised in the eastern slopes of the Snobby Shores, just looking up, the player could vaguely see the rock from above. There is no way to get there from the ground, but the player parachuting down to the top of the mountain or building a road up will find the secret entrance to the lair of a great evil man. It includes a missile cellar, bedroom, garage and lots of chests and loot items. This is really the place to prepare for all strategies of conquering the perfect world. Fortnite fans also easily recognize this bunker as the launch site for the sky-disrupting rocket launchers of Fortnite Season 5. Although the missile is long gone, it’s possible that the villains are planning. there in this large cellar.

4. Dino Footprint

Dinosaur footprints in Fortnite

In the wilderness south of Viking town, players will find by the river a small shattered hut, inside there are several items, a pair of chests. And it’s easy to see what’s wrong with this old hut. Viewed from above, you’ll see a giant dinosaur footprint. It was clearly the cause of this disintegration. There is only one dinosaur footprint here. So what does it mean? A dinosaur falling from the sky? Or suggest future Fortnite survival game content? Time will tell you.

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3. Salty Springs Bunker

Military bunker in Fortnite

Players in Salty Springs reach the western edge of town. They will see a light blue house like the one above. Explore it, you will learn typical suburban interior design and pick up a lot of items. Not only that, but this place has more potential than what you see. The basement has a cracked brick under the stairs, inside containing boxes and many other ruins. Depend on this brick, you will find a stairway leading to a place you may never have thought of.

High-tech bunker in Fortnite

It is a modern high-tech cellar, full of equipment. A command center accommodates all the needs of anyone fortunate to survive the apocalypse. It even has a gym, bathroom facilities and lots of loot. What is the real purpose of this cellar? There is still no answer. Maybe the owner of the house is a friendly prepper.

2. Hero’s Hideout

Hidden mansions in Fortnite

On the east edge of the map is a large manor, sealed the gate as shown in the image above. The interior is very large, containing tall buildings and even more visible below. From the front door, go to the left to find the opening under the stairs leading to the mansion’s true secret.

The Hero's Mansion in Fortnite

This mansion hides the same lair as the dungeon of the great evil in Snobby Shore. Though not big, it’s still impressive enough. Thanks to being built right in the cliff, players will have a view of the vast ocean … Just pay attention to not fall. This place definitely gives you a lot of great things.

1. The Hatch

Mysterious hatches in Fortnite

A mysterious hatch has recently appeared on the northeastern side of Wailing Woods. Hidden in a small grove of trees, this hatch has been shown to be indestructible by digging tools, guns or explosives. There is currently no specific way to open it, though there are hinting mysterious signs at the rear of the Hatchery. Maybe Fortnite wants to talk about the Dharma Initiative? Try to explore it if you can!

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The map below will help you find the exact locations of the above secret places:

Map of secret locations in Fortnite

Hopefully the article will help you have a good hunt in the Fortnite survival shooter.

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