Top 5 safest landing spots in Free Fire MAX

To rank up quickly in Free Fire MAX, in addition to gunner skills, choosing a landing location is also a very important factor in deciding whether you win or not. Join Taimienphi through the top 5 safest landing spots in Free Fire MAX for you to rest assured to loot right away.

Choosing a safe landing spot in Free Fire MAX is a great stepping stone to help you collect valuable loot. Especially when there is an advantage in both geographical location and combat weapons, fast promotion in Free Fire will become extremely simple.

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Summary of ideal landing locations in Free Fire MAX 2023

Top 5 safest landing spots in Free Fire MAX 2023

1. Plantation at Military Island Map
– The first safe landing point to help you easily loot on the Military Island map is Plantation – An area surrounded by hills on both sides and dense forest canopy. There are only a few cabins scattered around here, so the chances of getting high-quality loot are rare. But if you’re lucky, you can still find yourself quality snipers

– This area is located next to the center of the map, so Camping and moving around will be safe and the possibility of encountering other players appearing at the beginning of the game is also quite rare.

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2. Peak at Military Island Map
– The next safe landing point is The Peak – Located in the center of the Military Island map. Players who land here will have the advantage of being able to see from above, which is an ideal location for Campers, where the vicinity is easily accessible, depending on the position of the end of the circle. . If you own a sniper rifle, the ruler of this area will definitely belong to you.

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– The Peak is an area with quite a wide distance, so in the process of looting, it is likely that you will meet other players.

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3. Brasilia at Paradise Island Map
– Like the Peak landing point in Military Island, Brasilia is a quaint little town with duplex houses surrounded by a semicircular hill. Due to its central location, if you land in Brasilia, you will have a strategic advantage in terms of mobility, as most of the roads here wind around the hill.

– If you decide to land in Brasilia, quickly loot and find a safe spot inside the circle. If you decide to stay in Brasilia and camp, be prepared to face the enemy.

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4. Moat House at Paradise Island Map
– Another safe landing spot in Free Fire MAX that you can’t miss is Moat House – A castle surrounded by a lake and located in the extreme northeast corner of the Paradise Island map. Therefore, you should only land here if the flight trajectory allows. High-quality loot from Moat House is sure to appear.

– If you succeed in killing your opponent at Moat House, hold on until the level is over, for a chance to get a free quality Booyah card.

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5. Clock tower at Military Island Map
– The Clock Tower is another location that provides quality loot on the Military Island map. This area is located a bit far from the center, so most players will not choose a location to land but also because it can become an ideal landing spot for you to choose. There are a lot of vehicles here for you to use, so moving in the map to the end of the circle will also be less of an obstacle.

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Choosing a safe landing spot in Free Fire MAX will help players get off to a good start. Depending on each level, you will choose for yourself the ideal landing point in the top of the safest landing places in Free Fire MAX above to climb the rank quickly.

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