Top 5 free Android games like Minecraft

Minecraft is the hottest blocky survival game right now. If you are too bored with the graphics, interface or want to change another game tựa Minecraft But with the same gameplay, don’t miss the free Android games with similar gameplay to Minecraft below.

The Blockheads and Multicraft are 2 of the survival games with Minecraft-like graphics and gameplay, with a huge number of downloads on the Play Store.

Minecraft game for android

Minecraft-like game for Android phones

Top 5 free Android games like Minecraft

1. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a name that is not far away from many players. The survival game with 2D graphics and Minecraft-like gameplay promises to bring you a “strange but familiar” experience.

top games for android but not for minecraft

In the game, The Blockheads The player’s task is to collect resources, craft weapons, build his own world and fight the forces to survive.

Download The Blockheads to your device and install it here.

=> Link Download The Blockheads for Android

2. Multicraft

Can compare Multicraft like a copy of Minecraft, from the graphics, the gameplay to the characters in the game, can’t go anywhere. Only this free Android game includes 2 game modes: creative.

top minecraft birthing games for android phones

If you are looking for a free Android game similar to Minecraft, Multicraft is definitely a name you cannot ignore.

Download Multicraft to your computer and install it here.

=> Link Download MultiCraft for Android

3. Exploration Lite Craft

Besides, you can refer to Exploration Lite CraftPlayers feel both familiar and strange at the same time. Familiar with the inherent gameplay on Minecraft and new by sharp 3D graphics, easy to “addictive”.

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rewind game for android like minecraft

To download Exploration Lite Craft to your device and install it, visit here.

=> Link Download Exploration Lite Craft for Android

4. Block Story

The biggest difference between Block Story compared to Minecraft and other free Android games mentioned in the article are the 3D graphics and RPG elements.

minecraft game for mobile phones

In the game, the player’s task is to explore new lands, mine and craft weapons, fight monsters and dark forces to survive.

Download Block Story to your device and install it here.

=> Link Download Block Story for Android

5. Crafty Lands

The last thing that would like to introduce to you is Crafty Lands This is a “clone” of Minecraft for kids.

hop on android games like minecraft

In the game, players will be free to explore new lands, gather resources, craft weapons and build their own lands and worlds, … .

Download Crafty Lands to your device and install it here.

=> Link Download Crafty Lands for Android

Above has just introduced to you the Top 5 free Android games like Minecraft. What are you waiting for to download these games to your device and experience the dramatic moments to suffocate?
Besides, players can also refer to the top games like God Of War for the phone that deserves to be played the most.

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