Top 5 best Kassadin skins in League of Legends

Kassadin is one of the oldest generals of League of Legends. The highlight of Kassadin is that it is always trusted and banned in professional tournaments from the first seasons to the present.

Despite being dropped from the meta due to various nerfs, he always finds a way to return with new builds and gameplay. Although the recent equipment rework did Kassadin weakened, but players all over the world have found new ways to play Void Traveler.

Void Traveler There are a total of 8 outfits for you to choose from. While some may be more visually appealing, others have a great plot behind them.

Here are the top 5 best outfits for Kassadin in League of Legends.

Kassadin the Messenger

Kassadin the Messenger is skin Kassadin League of Legends most popular until 2015, when Space Thieves published. Released in 2011, this skin caused fear among ‘s opponents Kassadin with shape Darth Vaderesque his terrifying. While some players Kassadin longtimes decide to stick with the default skin as their favorite skin, then others switch Space Thieves, helping this champion have a much better image.

You can completely become a Messenger in the universe League and silence your enemies with this super cool skin.

Kassadin Space Thief

Kassadin Space Thief gave the general a completely new look. With a new skin animation and sound, this skin is quickly becoming a player’s favorite skin Kassadin.

Kassadin Space Thief raised the gameplay of Kassadin Take it to the next level, allowing you to execute your combos smoothly and see your E zone clearly with this epic R. Skin comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s well worth it. It is said to be one of the costumes League of Legends the best when it came out in 2015 because it looks so ghostly. Everyone was jealous of the players who owned Kassadin Space Thief.

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Count Kassadin

Earl style inspired by Halloween This offers players Kassadin The general’s appearance is Vampire Count. This skin is also modified with different animations and sounds than the default skin.

Count Kassadin was quickly played Kassadin choose as an alternative to Kassadin Space Thief when it was released with more aesthetics. This is a legacy skin so you will need to wait for the skin to be able to purchase it or open it with a hextech chest.

Kassadin Technology

Hextech Kassadin gave the general an aggressive look with gems in both weapons and shoulders. Although the skin has high quality animation, it is often considered to be somewhat inferior to the skin Kassadin Space Thief. The fact that this skin requires 10 gems to help players get it, is quite a struggle to get this skin.

But if you have gems and want one of the skins Kassadin rarer, feel free to buy it. It will spice up your game with smooth animations and a cosmic aesthetic, similar to the K skin.assadin Space Thief.

Kassadin Once Upon a Time

Released in 2010, Kassadin Once Upon a Time is one of the oldest skins of the general. For a small price, this skin is not invested in new animations and sounds. Over the years, it has become a sign of veteran players Kassadin. If you see this skin, you know you’re in trouble with a main Kassadin and that. This trend continued for a few years until the champion received a new skin with updated animations.

Kassadin Once Upon a Time shows Kassadin what it was like before being turned into Void, the aesthetic of this skin is not too high but it is quite special for someone who really likes to play Kassadin. Over the years, this skin has been favored only by players Kassadin long time want to use it.

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